Making the plans... #artist #mixedmedia

Those are gluten free, blueberry bacon pancakes...and they are amazing!

Those are gluten free, blueberry bacon pancakes...and they are amazing!

Neat vignettes around San Diego yesterday. Click on the images above to be taken to the shop websites. (Photos, iPhone 6 SOOTC)

Neat vignettes around San Diego yesterday. Click on the images above to be taken to the shop websites. (Photos, iPhone 6 SOOTC)

I had a great meeting with a very wise friend yesterday. We talked about how society determines your value as a creative by your income/production. (Let's face it.. society determines your worth based on your "production" in every field, actually.) Then there are  those questions that make me cringe a little, "Are you working?" and "What do you do?" Bleh...

Answering that question with, "I am an artist" is easy for me... I am an artist... so I feel comfortable saying that.. but I feel like I am so much more... all of which is difficult to label. (Labels.. you know.)

Dear, Readers, why am I telling you this? It's's really hard for me to accept the fact that I cannot sit here and paint all day. Honestly.. As much as I sit here and tell myself that I am painting for me...and I do paint what I want to... the feelings of doubt creep up every once in a while. I often wonder what I should be doing with my time. The best way that I have found to deal with the doubt is to talk about it with my friends, or write it here.

I wrestle with how much time to dedicate to running my business and how much time to use for making art. If time is limited, which task wins? Why does making art have to be a task in the first place? 

I don't think there is anyone that can answer these questions but myself. I know this. I'm taking some time now every night to plan the next day.. I'll block out hours for art and block out hours for the business.. most importantly, I'll block out "free" time so that I don't feel overwhelmed..

Just so you know.... I'm also going to focus really hard on that elusive "three-foot ring toss."....

...and that's that.

On the Grid Again.... For real? #artjournal #mixedmedia

Overcast. Gloomy. Cool.. Yesterday I wanted to light a fire in the fireplace and make soup all day.. (Don't laugh, I know it was probably 79 degrees outside..) 

I found these images in my computer. I have not mentioned my "grid book" since June.. You can follow the tag on the right side of the post here to see more.. it's my exploration in blue ball point pen... just notes... mind ramble... Do you have a book filled with that kind of stuff? We were passing notes...but sadly, that fell by the wayside over the last few months.

Like clockwork, I am feeling more creative.. getting back into the swing of things. It is hard sometimes, but I am determined..and may even film some tutorials this week for you. I've been gone too long...

A Handsome New Shopping Experience! #mixedmedia

Finally! Friends, I have all of my art for sale in one, neat and organized place! I'll be adding my products and prints soon... feel free to take a look! As always, domestic shipping is included with every order..and International customers can pay actually shipping costs. Original art, full of depth and life.... ready for YOU.

You can see my shop by clicking the "Art Sale" tab above.

Thank you for your support!

A Lesson in Lightfastness

Early 2013; San Diego, CA

Early 2013; San Diego, CA

For my daughter's birthday in 2013, my husband and I made a few miniature-golf "holes" out of plywood so that the girls could hit a round at the party. They were super cool...with multiple PVC pipes in the back so that each ball would roll out of the "house" (in this case) in a different direction onto our putting green. It was super fun and the kids loved it. I want to show you how the "Smurf House" pictured above looks today:

September 9, 2014

September 9, 2014

Compare the two photos... and I will tell you a little about what happened here. The plywood base of each cut-out we made was prepped and sanded with gesso. I then painted each cut-out using craft paint. Some Martha Stewart, some Delta, some Folk Art... all readily available at the craft store. The cut-outs have been stored under an overhang, stacked on the side of my house. Since homes are close together in the city of San Diego, there is very little space between my neighbor and I... these cut outs receive about two hours of afternoon sun daily. That's it. Look at how much the house pictured above has faded. This could easily happen to art on your walls..

The top photo is straight out of the camera, with no color enhancement. Now..some of you more astute readers may think that the first photo has been adjusted for saturation. I assure you it has not. The vignetting is from my camera lens. We are dry as a bone here in San Diego that house has not been exposed to water damage.

So what to do?? 

Making Art: Understand the lightfastness of the paint you choose to work with. Paint has a lightfastness rating associated with it. The lightfastness scale in the US varies from 1 to 5, with paints falling in the 1 & 2 range as most stable to light. Some UV varnish products will help reduce the effects of UV rays on your paint (reduce not eliminate). 

Buying Art: If you're spending your hard earned money on a  painting, I don't think you would want to risk it looking like the second photo above. Inquire with the artist and know what you are buying.

There are many practical applications for craft paint. Don't pitch it! I give craft paint to my daughter for various projects, and I use it when painting wooden craft things on holidays for example. I don't, however, use it in any of my fine art...or anything that I sell. The lightfastness quality of higher end paint is just one of many reasons why I use it.. How about you? Join the conversation on Facebook.



Reef Break #encaustic #mixedmedia #abstract #art

"Reef Break"  16x16" Mixed Media (Encaustic) on Birch Panel

"Reef Break"  16x16" Mixed Media (Encaustic) on Birch Panel

It makes perfect sense to me that during the warmest part of the year, I should remodel my garage, build an encaustic workspace, and teach myself a new medium from scratch. (Say it with me now), Naturally.

I had some trouble finding my way at the beginning, but even still, this practice is relatively new to me. I stuck with it (at night mostly) and have come out with a small handful of paintings I think I like. I'll never give up painting with acrylics.. this was my "summer fling".. and maybe, when the weather cools down, I'll heat the wax back up and take it for another spin.. but for now... back to my canvas.

Shake Away the Decay...

"Golden Decay" NFS

"Golden Decay" NFS

Creatively, I've had a rough week... which puts me in a bad mood.

Towards the end of the summer here, I decided to try my hand at something new.. and I have to tell you, I'm pretty sick of myself right now. Never fear though, I will get back up and brush off the dust...

It's a speed bump... and in the grand scheme of things, this can't be all that bad. Tomorrow I am going to go into the studio with a corrected attitude. For sure.

Video Producers and Vlog Makers #vlog #audio #mixedmedia

Now hear this...

San Diego Photography

San Diego Photography

Long-time-friend-of-us at The Land of Lost Luggage, and everything-cool producer Lenny B has some excellent royalty-free music that you can

I know many of my lovely and talented readers make video tutorials and vlogs.. come correct with copyright and purchase snazzy background music the right way! These are professionally composed songs and jingles that you CAN afford. Click here to take a listen.

I love that these tunes are not played all over the place on every Tom, Dick and Harry's website... I hate watching a video and having my brain go... "Oh..I have that track." 

Don't ever stop painting..

I've had a couple of people who I respect in the art community look  me dead in the face and say with utmost urgency, "Don't ever stop painting." I've never asked any of them to elaborate.. but I have to tell you, this comment haunts me a lot.

Why not? What would happen? I imagine they are saying the comment to me with regards to a painting being great..and that it would be a shame that I surrender painting to do something else.. which puts a load of pressure on someone like me. What if this painting looks like I tried to stop painting? Is this painting good enough for someone (two of whom were jurors) to tell me never to stop painting again? Well... it's hot in San Diego..and I have stopped painting.

I don't want to stop painting..but I have to tell you..I can't concentrate and paint when I am when the weather gets cooler... I'll get some brushes out again.. but for now, I imagine fall weather...falling leaves... (ha right) and pick up other things to keep me busy.. If it doesn't feel "right" to sit and paint..I don't push it.

The best and most fitting pattern came through my feedly a couple of weeks ago. If ever a gemologist was supposed to carry this change purse... out came the fabric. I love these and am so happy that I stitched a few of them up. You can make some of your own. Here is the tutorial. Hey, Kate- excellent pattern! Thanks. xo

In other news.... I'm enjoying a new crop of summer roses.. Thankfully.. we did not have winter last year..the bushes never rested. I am feeding a lot resulting in smaller blooms..but at least I have some!

Kevin built us this rad (heavy!) table and benches for the patio.. hosting many dinners...and linners... so nice to sit together with everyone.

Clockwise from the top: BUY THESE PIES. Trader Joes... 8 mins, 150 calories.. delicious! Found an amazing parisian bakery in the Zion market! Got some picks! RODGERS! Love this pink..

Thanks for stopping by...see you again soon!


PS- the purses have metallic thread for the facet outlines.... yah..that's what I said. :)

One of my Favorites.. #art #abstract #acrylic #mixedmedia

Acrylic on canvas; 24x30" NFS

Acrylic on canvas; 24x30" NFS

I have this painting hanging in my bedroom.. I keep finding myself staring at it, noticing each and every mark, and layers that reach up to the surface from down below. Paintings like this make me really happy...

When the OPEN line of paints from Golden launched, I didn't think I needed anything other than the fluid acrylics I was accustomed to using. Boy was I wrong... I now use about 80% OPEN in all of my work... the rest fluid, mixed in with them. Yes, they require patience and a long dry time... but to me, the results are well worth the wait.. Not one for rushing through painting, I savor every layer and process, most times working around 7 days per piece.

This painting features techniques that I teach along with Chris Cozen in the Layer Love v2.0 online workshop. Get the details for that class and see the samples here.

Mixed Media Variety

I poured my entire heart and soul into this mega online workshop. The "Julie Prichard Mixed Media Variety Show with your host Julie Prichard" (catchy title, eh?) is action packed with discussion, art and fun footage... I would love to hear from those of you who may be taking the class now...and for those of you looking for something high quality and heart felt... this may be what you have been searching for! Click on the video above to view the promo...and look at all of these great projects!

Class samples from the Mixed Media Variety Show workshop. #mixedmedia #artjournal

Class samples from the Mixed Media Variety Show workshop. #mixedmedia #artjournal

You can CLICK HERE to register....scroll to the bottom of the page. I hope to see you!

PS- this class runs 238 minutes.. Just shy of 4 hours... professionally edited footage for repetition and the magic of television. I was stunned earlier this week to find online workshops for the same price with less than one hour of content... wow.

My Checkered Past #art #mixedmedia

"Checkered Past", Mixed Media on gallery canvas,  30x40"

"Checkered Past", Mixed Media on gallery canvas,  30x40"

Ahh.. the re-work.

Remember the blackish diptych I finished up for my upcoming show? The diptych is no more... One painting did not survive. The sibling is pictured above.. and I have to say...I am much happier with the results.

Don't beat yourself up over your artwork.. if something is bothering you, there is always one of two choices you can make. Destroy the painting.... that's right... get it allll out.. or keep painting.

I was so frustrated with the last set of paintings, I actually put one out to pasture. And you know what? It's O.K. I'm ok too.

Hope you like the new art... we're enjoying each other.

Last Sunday in San Diego #SDCC

Yes...I will put on paper anime hair if it makes my daughter laugh...and yes, I am the mom who will sweet talk Hello Kitty staff to be able to wait in line for a while so that my girl could meet Yuko Yamaguchi!

Kate kept asking me what time it was as we waited the couple of hours to be able to get the chance..she was so excited.. but... being a huge Sanrio fan ever since grade school... I don't know who was more excited... A convention highlight for us.

This year at Comicon, Kate asked if she could use her money to "buy art"... YES! Proud moment.


Workshop sale ends soon! #mixedmedia #art #ecourse

Two great online classes are on sale now through Thursday only! You can pick up my newest workshop "Mixed Media Vacation" for only $49.99! Chris Cozen and I are also running "Mixed Media Melange" on sale for only $59.99. Don't miss out!

No time limits and great quality classes.. Click here for Mixed Media Vacation. Click here for Mixed Media Melange. We hope to see you there!

Down yellow street.. #collage #mixedmedia #art

Untitled 16x20 Mixed Media on illustration board.

Untitled 16x20 Mixed Media on illustration board.

I demo'd my garage paint space. It's gonezo. Poof.

Sure feels empty in there... remember my spray paint drawers? No more.

File photo... Julie's garage workbench.

File photo... Julie's garage workbench.

We have been wanting to tear down this 1962 garage space for a long time. You know sometimes when you have nothing on the calendar...... and do-it-yourself-itis? Boom. Demo happens.

So that's all gone and a couple of new wooden tables are being whipped up. One with recycled wood from the old bench... which makes me happy.

So summer continues.... and once the tables are in place, art. (I can't work with one piece of anything out of place.. try explaining that to people you live with... if there is a mess anywhere... it blocks my thought process.) I don't mind...

See you again soon. xx


Online Workshop FLASH sale! $49.99 #mixedmedia

Mixed media on yupo.

Mixed media on yupo.

Through the end of the month, pick up my fun, get-your-hands-busy-with-fun-products-and-make-really-cool-art workshop, Mixed Media Vacation for only $49.99! You won't want to miss this sale price if you are interested in this's a steal with no time limits, beautiful video and an amazing downloadable handout! Click here to see what the fuss is about.

Happy weekend!