Birds of a Feather... #mixedmedia

I'll never get over my crush on "gold leaf".. I love it everywhere.. well...except on the floor, I guess. These are to replenish my stationary collection. Hand drawn and cut feathers, covered in gold leaf, and loosely attached to Italian card stock atop sewn vintage book pages. Can't wait to write some letters!

Friends....We Made It.

We made it. Back to school 2015. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAmen!

I started painting in this book back in MAY. It's been since May that I have picked up a paint brush. I can't believe it. I have to change that...  I'm thinking of new directions... I'm nervous... I'm planning... Lord knows I've already cleaned and organized my house and studio space (always step 1)'s time. That's growth, right?

Hope to see you back here's time to get back to work.

Boo.....the FLU! #mixedmedia #art #workshops

Jeeeeeeeeeezzzz.... My daughter and husband arrived home from vacation Wednesday with full blown FLU.. Yep..they tested positive for it..and lord...I have never heard so much coughing! Needless to say, my medical practice is open, they are sequestered like a jury.. and I have been sleeping on the couch.. I'm BORED, bored! There are only so many Real Housewives episodes someone can take!

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You Know That Painting I posted Yesterday?

I originally created the painting I featured yesterday on my blog, "Fading Memories" for the book, "Acrylic Solutions". The response to the painting was so great, that I replicated that painting in the "8 Great Paintings" online workshop! You can learn the techniques to make that painting here.

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"Moonlight Beach", Julie Prichard. Make a painting like this in my online workshop, "8 Great paintings".

"Moonlight Beach", Julie Prichard. Make a painting like this in my online workshop, "8 Great paintings".

Final Call - Sale

"Fading Memory" Original Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas 16x20x1.5"

"Fading Memory" Original Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas 16x20x1.5"

This beautiful canvas original is on sale in my shop...I think it's one of the most dramatic pieces in there at the moment.. and I need to make room for more art! Orig $375, it's on sale for $200. No frame is needed, the canvas depth allows for it to be wired and hung as is. The sides are painted to match.. There are lots of layers and great texture here... it's a really great price, friends! Archival materials and sealed with archival varnish. Domestic PRIORITY shipping is $25, but the piece will come beautiful wrapped and shipped to your door. International shipping costs usually about $80.. 

Someone like neutral palette art? Want to support an artist directly? Support Small Business? Like butterflies? Win. Win. Win. Win. :)

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In Summer...

In my backyard, facing my neighbors house... the breeze that day...and those clouds...I felt like I needed to capture that moment forever...

Our beloved 2006 Chevy truck was photographed entering Mexico at 12:51 the day it was stolen... goodbye truck.. that really sucked.

What was great was me in the back of a fire engine..... and riding with the Chief.... during Comic Con... downtown.... gulp! My friend and I were so lucky to be able to ride with Station 1 and Station 4 one night earlier this month... MUCH respect for the men of the fire department!

SDCC 2015.jpg

The Fire Department AND Comic Con in one weekend....... Epic. (Confession...I like Star Wars...the first 3....kind of a lot.)

Pool parties....  Chewie's 7 months old now... and Kate here and there and everywhere... I might need a vacation from summer vacation... I guess that's called "Back to School", right? Holding on until August 24th..... Thanks for checking in with me.

And now for something completely different..... #sandiego #losangeles

I know that I get a lot of traffic on my site from San this is worth a shot.. Our truck was stolen last Wednesday.... and it really sucks to have a car stolen in case you were wondering..

Problem is...they don't make these trucks anymore... and it is my husband's dream car... that's right... dream car.. we saved and spent 5 years searching for one to buy... and some punk stole it.

The insurance money doesn't make us warm and fuzzy... the truck does... so we are hoping that someone out there somewhere saw something...or even better... sees the truck! Calling all units... please keep your eyes peeled for us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Our Summer Sale ends July 5! #mixedmedia

Fair Food.... marketing sucker! #SoCal

Kate's art teacher entered a painting that she had made during the year into the Del Mar Fair! It was pretty exciting to receive a free ticket... I had  not been to the fair in about 15 years or so.... I'm not the type of person who eats a lot of junk food, so it wasn't the food that called to me.. but I have to tell you..the COLORS of the fair were pretty amazing! I was mesmerized by the menu boards.

I kept thinking to myself... man...the people behind the marketing of this stuff really hooked into me! The colors, typography...combined with the smells of it all... I'll admit, my mouth was totally watering. I ate one spiral cut potato thing on a stick and got the hell out of there..

What do you guys think? The colors? The smell? What gets you at the fair?

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Summer Rain... HUGE workshop sale! #mixedmedia #art

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The painting pictured above uses techniques explained/demonstrated in the Layer Love v2.0 online workshop.

Every Summer... #mixedmedia

Every summer I find myself on creative break... Every summer, I try to force myself out of the break.. I think that I need a change.. and that if I find a new direction, the creativity will flow back with gusto.. and every summer, I spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars going all in on the new exploration.. I'm on to myself.

I've realized that I know I can paint.. I know that if I take a painting break, painting will come back to me.. I know that in summer, I have to play the roll of enthusiastic cruise director for 8 weeks.. I kind of like it. A lot. So until then, I take breaks.... far and few between (cruise directing is exhausting!).. and do a little project here and there. Slap some paint around... sew something quick.. (super proud of myself for HEMMING my short wardrobe)... Plus...while helping students in our online mixed media network, it seems like I never have stopped painting.

Annnnd.....Here's Chewie! Weighing in at over 10 pounds now..he's doubled in size since Easter when we brought him home. He's doing AWESOME in obedience class.. and I think he's changing color.. I think he's turning more gold...which is pretty cool... we're having a great summer.

El Anatsui from the MCSD #art #sculpture #anatsui

Feast your eyes on the beautiful works of sculptor El Anatsui, recently shown at the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art:

"Gravity and Grace" responds to a long history of innovations in abstract art and performance, building upon cross-cultural exchange among Africa, Europe, and the Americas and presenting works in a wholly new African medium. 

They're pretty big.... For reference, 9 year old Kate stands 4' 10" tall these days.


Much much inspiration...

The image above was my favorite.. Reminiscent of Millefiore Glass.... I can't take my eyes off this combination of color! The piece lends a totally different look from across the room (below):

Photos with permission from the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego.

Symbols.. #mixedmedia

Gorgeous layered backgrounds are useful across all of my art and craft projects.. They are sophisticated, intriguing, and mysterious.. They take time to make, but to me it's worth the effort.

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It's a struggle for sure...

My breakfast... Sunday - Friday. Saturday is reserved for waffles.. (vegetable bread, avocado, Nespresso)

Puppies are cute..but they are so much work. When you have several days of great can get caught off guard by a random behavioral set-back.... sometimes that makes me forget about the progress we've made.. I know that I shouldn't. Add to that the fact that I am so sad to leave him here at home while I run errands, etc.. makes for a really tired mom. Really tired.

My daughter will be leaving third grade this year....we are looking forward to 4th grade in the fall. The child is in school... but I always think I am too.. the study sessions and guidance do warrant a vacation for the parent(s) too...right? We've come a long way.. Is it easier to continue working or stay at home?

I've been slowly (and I do mean slowly) working in an art journal.. I made about 3 pages last month.. I have to keep reminding myself that it's not really my time to create right now.. and whereas there is absolutely no room for more paintings here in the house, the art journal is a distant substitute.. because pages are meant for quick excursions.... not thorough fine art paintings... and that is what I struggle with. The camera is my new friend.. I can take pictures where I go...edit them and keep them on file here until I print them.. satisfies the little craving for art... it isn't much... but it's something.