Ichiro, My favorite dog.

My boy passed away on Valentine's day.. although our hearts are so heavy, we feel comfort knowing he's comfortable and running around causing trouble wherever he is now.. He passed here at home with me, outside in the back yard.

Days are a little tough.. looking and listening for him in the house.. especially at night and in the morning when he would wake me up..usually by sitting by me in bed, or bringing me a chew toy while I was still sleeping.. he was the best dog.

One day, when the time is right, I'll get another dog.. but until then, my heart is full of happiness with memories of this dear boy that lived with me for so long.

It's a Wrap! #ecourse #mixedmedia #art

Chris Cozen and I on the set of our latest online workshop...due March 2015.

Chris Cozen and I on the set of our latest online workshop...due March 2015.

Chris Cozen and I completed filming of our latest online workshop this morning... I will have all of the HD footage edited by teh beginning of next month...we can't wait to show you what we have been working on. It's our best class yet!

Don't forget that registration for two of our online workshops will close forever on February 16th.. We will no longer accept new members to "Pixels and Paint" and the "Mixed Media Melange" online workshops. Click here for more info.

Workshops closing soon!

Art based on class techniques: Left - Mixed Media Melange, Right - Pixels and Paint

Art based on class techniques: Left - Mixed Media Melange, Right - Pixels and Paint

Chris Cozen and I will be closing two of our online mixed media workshops on February 15th. Please note- This means we will no longer accept new members to these classes... people who register before February 15th and those who have registered in the past will continue to have access to the videos and instructor support. So...come and get them while you can! Each class is on sale for only $59.50. Click here for more info.

What about the planning stages?

Mixed Media Art created for Pam Carriker's book here.

Mixed Media Art created for Pam Carriker's book here.

I feel like my schedule is all over the place these days... I have to remind myself to breathe and relax sometimes...

A good friend reminded me of something important.. planning... planning things that you are going to do before you actually do them is really hard work. The workshop for example.. I'm working on raising production values..and doing the best that I can without an actual film studio.. and researching, and planning, and thinking... and even though I am empty handed during the process, I am still working. It kind of feels like the most difficult work of all actually...because there really is not a result until many days later when you see everything come together online... I have to remember that.

Hope you're having a good weekend... #GoHawks

Happy 2015 Discount for YOU! #mixedmedia #ecourse #sale #DIY

Happy New Year! There is a pretty sweet deal on my website right now...you can save 15% off EVERYTHING that I have listed... all workshops (even the ones that are already on sale!) plus ALL original art!

Maybe you like original encaustic paintings like this one?

Maybe you like original encaustic paintings like this one?

Or this abstract? Very handsome..

Or this abstract? Very handsome..

This painting, "Vintage Picnic" is one of my favorites..

This painting, "Vintage Picnic" is one of my favorites..

Or this painting featured in the book, "Acrylic Solutions?"

Or this painting featured in the book, "Acrylic Solutions?"

These things are all on sale..and I ship pretty fast too... the classes? You get them INSTANTLY.. The sale will end at the end of the day January 21 (pacific time). Hope to see you there!

Click here to see all of the sale art.

Click here to see the sale workshops (ecourses)

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Code Breaker

This is a super small painting.. I think it was about 3x3".. I soldered this painting inside a frame to present it as a christmas gift to my friend in 2012. I'm looking through my files and am happy to know that the style of painting that I liked back then, still holds true today.. it signals to me that I have defined my true style as an artist.

These days I have been working at my daughter's school, and slowly absorbing some books and magazines.. taking things easy as we finalize material for new mixed media online workshops. A few years ago, I would have been in a panic if I were not feverishly painting every day..but now I have accepted the ebb and flow of my creativity.

Cloudy skies and cool temperatures find me more contemplative than usual. I'm doing my best to stay on track.

2014 Review No. 3 The Year of Gold Leaf #mixedmedia #artist #art

Untitled, sometimes.. 24x24" Mixed media on gallery canvas

Untitled, sometimes.. 24x24" Mixed media on gallery canvas

Never shying away from anything shiny, in 2014, I used a lot of gold leaf.. in paintings, in craft projects, in paper crafting.. it was all over the place. There was loads of metallic paint as well... and making the metallics look aged was one of my favorite things to do. How about you?

2014 Review No. 2 "My Checkered Past" #mixedmedia #art #artist

"My Checkered Past" 30x40" Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas

"My Checkered Past" 30x40" Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas

"My Checkered Past" is a painting that I completed for my upcoming solo show..name TBD, but I have some ideas percolating. I think the main challenge I faced while making the show was to make sure that I had a collection in which the pieces were unique, but that they "went" together. It was really difficult especially around the 10th painting mark.. (The collection stands at 16...but I may only show 15.)

I love yellow... I hate to paint with it and I find that it is the color I struggle with the most..but...the yellow paintings garner the most attention when people see them hanging..so I guess the hard work pays off.

Most of my large paintings are completed using techniques in the Layer Love v2.0 mixed media online workshop... if you want to get going with some killer abstract art, take a look here and join Chris Cozen and I!

2014 Review #mixedmedia #art

Highlighting some of my favorite paintings of 2014, this is "Reef Break", encaustic on wood, 16x16". Encaustic was fun, especially outside in the sweltering southern California heat.. maybe not the best plan, but something I would heat up again for sure. There was a steep learning curve working with wax, with frustration because I could not get it to behave exactly like my paint.. 

Honestly, I'm done fighting with myself.. #sew #DIY

Every year I have the urge to make my Christmas gifts... sometimes things don't go as planned.. Most years I give up and decide on a second project last minute.. Yesterday (December 18!) I canned the whole "make" idea and went out to buy presents.. only to come back home, re-group, and re-design the "make" gifts last minute. Like really last minute... I had to pass these gifts out today.

So. Sew.

There is a problem with the internet these days.. there are tutorials all over and place.. but even though a lot of them look good, at close inspection, they're not. I should have known that the pattern I was admiring wouldn't work.. You're looking at someone who sews a lot of zippered pouches, (and pillows)... I've got the zipper down.. It's my most proud skill now.. so when I saw something in a tutorial that differed from my learned skills, that should have set off the alarm.. it didn't.. I was bamboozled by the number of  hits on the post I was reading and the quality graphics.

After failed attempt at the pattern's instruction, I decided to make this one my own. I had already cut ALL of my fabric as the failed pattern specified.. I repositioned the stabilizer (the pattern called for the stabilizer to be sewn to the lining of the bag...not the outside... but I thought having a better shape was more important to the outside of the bag)... I trimmed the weird pattern pieces to a better shape and sewed all night. I think they look great..the recipients too, I am happy to report.

I had this moment when learning to paint..and I am happy (sort of..after the headache) to have this feeling while learning to sew now.. Knowing how to "fix" things is the best feeling ever..and you learn that feeling by making mistakes, and deviating from patterns that are presented to you. Sort of like a mechanic.. learning how things work. This is my 11th hour, cheerleading moment to you...if you're busily making gifts still... go with your gut... don't pull your hair out over a tutorial. You can do it.

BTW, I put little stocking stuffers in the bags... handmade soaps, note pads, pens, nail polish and various treats.. each monogrammed for the recipient. The interior of each bag is bright patterned fabric that coordinates with the zipper color. The Tru Embroidery software has become invaluable for this type of project.. I am happy I purchased it.

In 2015, new workshops! #mixedmedia #ecourse

We're retiring two workshops in early 2015 to make room for some brand spanking new ones! Take advantage of our final sale on "Mixed Media Melange" and "Pixels and Paint" at $59.50/ea before they're gone.

Still no time limits on class, no expiration date... we won't be accepting new members to either course soon. We hope to see you! Click here for more info.

My #mixedmedia Collection...

This is the second group of 4x6 panels I made for the craft bazaar last week... I will list the panels that are still available soon.. but the weather is cool and my sewing machine has been calling my name. Seems I work better under pressure... now would probably be a good time to start sewing the Christmas gifts on my list... haha

If you're interested in picking up any of these panels for a gift, they are ORIGINALS and they will cost $45 plus a little for shipping... they are on cradled wood panels, with 1.5" profiles.. here is a little photo I took of them to show you the depth:

If you need a quick art gift for someone, use the contact button on the top of my site to claim one.. I'll get around to officially listing them later. See you soon!

edit: They are all up listed now! Click here to see the collection.