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"We have Paris"

"We have Paris"

I wanted to take a little time to highlight some of the original art I have for sale. For the holidays, I have not only reduced the prices of my online workshops, but all of the paintings and stationary is also marked down. It's a great time to grab a very good deal and to help out an artist by shopping "small business" this season.

I made "We Have Paris" as an entry into the 52nd annual International Exhibition at SDAI in San Diego in 2013. For a long time I have not wanted to part ways with this painting (because I really love it), but now I think it would mean more to me to see it displayed in someone else's home or office. This was a very exciting moment for me. There were over 3000 artworks  entered into this juried exhibition, and this painting was one of 90 selected to hang in the show. It was very special for me to see it hanging along side paintings from Japan, Europe and New York!

"We Have Paris" was $400, Now $325. It's an original painting on canvas using professional grade acrylic, sealed with varnish and multi-layered and rich. Click here for more info.

You've seen the rest....here's the best

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So much work goes in to our online workshops... from the concepts, content, video quality, digital pdf....editing... we know you're going to like this. This holiday season all workshops are on sale.. take a look at all of them here... and watch the video above. It's the promotional video for our latest workshop, "Collage Fusion"... You can find the mixed media supply list and more info for Collage Fusion by clicking here.

Once you purchase, your access is immediate and without time limits. For all of the classes. We hope to see you soon!

Your best work is in your art journal #mixedmedia

You're "playing"...you're relaxed...you're just messing around... and suddenly you've got a masterpiece in your art journal. No sense in keeping it there in the book... print it out! Making high quality prints to frame is easy and fun... I have a couple of frames here in the house that I switch out every once in a while... not to mention that these make awesome mixed media gifts for your friends!

BOO! All workshops on sale now! Art too! #mixedmedia #sale

Make a painting like this in my "8 Great Paintings Online Workshop"!

Make a painting like this in my "8 Great Paintings Online Workshop"!

Save $10.31 on all orders now through Monday, midnight pacific! (Get it? October 31?) Use code BOO2015 at checkout. Want to stock up and get more than one Mixed Media online workshop? Use one coupon per purchase...I'll allow it. Happy Halloween everyone! Click here to see the full workshop lineup.

Need a gift for someone special? The coupon will also work on all of my fine art and handmade goods!

Learn New Stuff #stitch #embroidery #mixedmedia

In between driving to school, helping with homework, and sitting at the tennis courts (I sure spend a lot of time on tennis courts) I decided that I wanted to incorporate hand embroidery into my artwork. I have never really free stitched before, so I forced myself to take a step back, and rather than start off running this time, I slowly learned a handful of stitches.

I ran across this book on Amazon... and I am happy I did. Without reading the description, I didn't know it came with this awesome sampler in the back of the book! Tucked away in a cute little envelope. Super fun!

My favorite? Back stitch..followed by French knot...then Bullion knot.. the "spiderweb" is cool too..

I was once trying to pick between two things that pertain to art... and someone told me, "...why do we believe it's either one or the other when both are available..."? With my new stitching skills, I am looking forward to true mixed media... Coming soon.

About Publishing...

When we signed on to write the book, "Acrylic Solutions", visions of revolutionizing the publishing industry filled my head. I had ideas.... a lot of them. But as we worked through the deadlines, I soon came to realize that my ideas didn't matter to the "man". I felt like I had sold my soul.. Dramatic..right? I know. I'm passionate about creativity... I can't think about it any other way. I tell myself, "One day I am going to write and let the world know my true feelings about being an author.. one day I am going to speak up for what is right.... one day....." but not now.

Every book I have touched since my book was published has been met with a very critical eye. The paper, the cover, the illustrations, the art, the grammar... the white balance...the focus..the composition of every photo... the checklist goes on and on.. it's something that happens when I complete a photo shoot as well.. a painting.. Do I torture myself? Probably.. I'm not sure why..

But THIS book. Humans of New York. I'm on page 242.. EVERY photo in this book is processed and more importantly printed perfectly. The paper has a beautiful feel. I can't put it down. I read....re-read and savor every page.. I really am in love.

"Humans of New York: Stories"

"Humans of New York: Stories"

What is it with this book? I suspect the stories draw me in to each person's soul... I stare at their eyes.. the images are raw.. they are not studio perfect.. I think it is the honesty of this collection of street photography that is pulling me. Pulling for sure... Page 242 and I have already cried 3 times so far while reading this.

You can read the HONY blog... but there is something about holding the book in your hands that makes it so special. Did you pick up a copy? What do you think?

Sale Ends Tomorrow Night! #mixedmedia #art #craft #DIY

Most workshops only $59.99 and under! Use code FALLSALE at checkout.*

They're huge...

There are no time limits...

You get unlimited instructor support...daily!

They are excellently edited!

Save $10 now through 10.17.15 on every workshop...want two? Use the code twice. Be my guest! (Sale ends at midnight pacific.)

Click here to see all of the mixed media online workshops and to register.

Love Layers.... Really #mixedmedia #sale #DIY

Painting featuring techniques learned in the Layer Love v2.0 online workshop. Now Open!

Painting featuring techniques learned in the Layer Love v2.0 online workshop. Now Open!

Bring depth and overall lusciousness to your artwork! So many techniques, professionally edited video and instructor support without time limits.....all this can be yours! Regular price $69.99, sale $62.99 now through October 15th only. Click here for more info and to see the class samples, supply list and promotional video. I hope to see you there!

Print, She Said...PRINT!

My Family Trading Cards project continues to grow. I spoke about this project here, and here, and I still love it.

Technology is great...but sitting and flipping through piles of photos is so much better. I love watching my daughter slowly turn through the stack and re-tell me the stories that each photo holds.. even better is that her friends can flip through them too. I prefer this casual stack so much more than a box, an album...and most of all, a hard drive.

Every time I use my camera, I download the images and immediately edit. The process only takes a few moments because I am on top of it. Delete the bad images. Save the good images in a special folder on your desktop and print the images once you have a nice sized collection. (I print about 4 times per year.)

Each camera use yields me about 10-20 images. I save a small percentage of those photos only.. we don't need to see every single tennis stroke for example.. we can remember the specific days based on what the photo tells us. (Incidentally, I also read that it is great to have your brain think to fill in some of the information you think about when you see an image rather than have every second documented on paper.)

This print order called for some larger 5x7 prints also. I'm updating some of the picture frames in the house and getting ready to give some of these framed as gifts this Christmas. Since wall space is limited, I think it's a good time to say we have out-grown some of the baby pictures we have up.. time for a fresh look.

Make smiles. You don't have to be a professional to do this... just get your images onto paper. You can thank me later. ;)

Mixed Media Style...

St. Patrick's Cathedral, 2011.

St. Patrick's Cathedral, 2011.

When people ask me, "What do you do?" I reply, "I am an artist." Almost always, the next question is, "What kind?"

I wonder about my path as an artist a lot of the time... these days, I am exploring things other than acrylic paint.. I am trying new things, and I have a ton of ideas that I want to try, none of which call for my old standby, the acrylic paints. 

Do you think that my love of mixing mediums, including my passion for photography and crafts in general, enhances my curiosity of art in general? If I only used acrylics, would I wander from style to style without permanent commitment to one love? 

I'm toting my camera.... I'm reading up on some new things.... and I am bursting at the seams for something new ..... I hope you'll stick around.. this is going to be a lot of fun.

I admire passion in all things...

Every once in a while a video comes across my desk that brings tears to my eyes... that touches my soul.... and that really makes me feel good. Below is that video. I'd love to hear from you.

Birds of a Feather... #mixedmedia

I'll never get over my crush on "gold leaf".. I love it everywhere.. well...except on the floor, I guess. These are to replenish my stationary collection. Hand drawn and cut feathers, covered in gold leaf, and loosely attached to Italian card stock atop sewn vintage book pages. Can't wait to write some letters!

Friends....We Made It.

We made it. Back to school 2015. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAmen!

I started painting in this book back in MAY. It's been since May that I have picked up a paint brush. I can't believe it. I have to change that...  I'm thinking of new directions... I'm nervous... I'm planning... Lord knows I've already cleaned and organized my house and studio space (always step 1)..it's time. That's growth, right?

Hope to see you back here soon...it's time to get back to work.