Original Painting for Sale #art #abstract #mixedmedia

Original art for sale today! This mixed media painting is on heavy watercolor paper and features an irregular border. The paper measures 9 x 12". Featured on page 111 of the book, "Acrylic Solutions", this painting has been created using archival materials and has been sealed so that it will last a very long time.

Collage, mark making and layers... I love this piece!

One available, $115 USD includes domestic shipping.

Original Painting for Sale #art #abstract #mixedmedia

Mixed media on stretched gallery canvas  18 x 18 x 1.25

Mixed media on stretched gallery canvas  18 x 18 x 1.25

A rare opportunity to own an original painting from my collection! "Solitary" was created during the writing of the book, "Acrylic Solutions" and is featured throughout chapters in the book as steps were completed on it. Hear that? THIS IS THE PAINTING I WORKED ON IN THE BOOK.

This painting is also the COVER of the book "Acrylic Solutions" as it was translated in Dutch.

The painting is made with archival materials and has been sealed in varnish...it will last a good long long time.. "Solitary" is also ready to hang, with 1.25" gallery canvas sides that have been painted as well.

$315 USD includes domestic shipping and insurance. International customers please inquire for shipping charges.

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PS - you can see all of the paintings I have for sale by clicking here.

New Art. Untitled No. 9 of 16 #acrylic #art #mixedmedia #abstract

Mixed Media on Canvas; 36 x 48"

Mixed Media on Canvas; 36 x 48"

For the past 12 weeks or so, I have painstakingly painted 15 large, new paintings for my solo show. I am finished now.. I've got the music on loud ...kind of celebrating my new freedom away from the easel. Painting is awesome... but I feel so much pressure painting for either deadline or gallery.. 

(The date of the show has not been announced.. I will let you know when the gallery gives me the date. All I have known is that I have been awarded a show.. and I know the square footage of the gallery.)

I am really proud of the collection. I am proud of myself too.. But I am really looking forward to letting my hair down for the next couple weeks.. I am dreaming of some new things to get myself in to.... trouble for sure. ;)

(I can't maintain comments on my blog and on Facebook.... you can find me over there everyday though. Stop by for some coffee with me. LINK)

Thank you for your support.

Where have you been? #art

From the archives; 2010 art journal page.

From the archives; 2010 art journal page.

This looks like a case of "grab whatever you can find on your computer and write about something quick".. which is true.  How have you been?

I have this thing that happens.. I get involved in a large project and then only think about anything else that I could be doing other than the project. I can't take a break..I can't break from the mega project because I have anxiety that I won't make it back to the project.. Maybe I can't do more than one thing at once. That's crazy..I know I can...

I am soooo close. I have a backlog of grid pages to photograph, in fact, I wrapped up my first full moleskine lat week.. I have three finished paintings for my show to photograph.. end of your school activities coming up..and then I really want to be playing tennis. That's all.

TWO PAINTINGS to go... my show will feature 15 large paintings..no smaller than 24x24.. for now. Then.. I want to take my break... this "reward" I have promised myself for the summer...and then I will get back into it.. I'm almost there... stay with me.

I'm on instagram pretty regularly.. I'd love to see you there too.


From the book to the wall. #artjournal #abstract #art #artist

"After Hours" 36 x 48 Mixed Media on Canvas  NFS

"After Hours" 36 x 48 Mixed Media on Canvas  NFS

If only you could see this in person...and if only I could post large, hi-res images of my art online... because I. Love. This. Painting.

There are paintings that come here and there that I can't stop looking at.. this is one of them. There is a lot of texture...a lot of metallic paint...and layers are rich and luscious. It's size commands attention. I can't wait to see this in the gallery.

Inspired by re-interpreting a painting from an old journal (shown below):

High heat and winds continue... we are about 20 miles south of any of the major brush fires that are making the National News. Legoland is under evacuation..which means my alma matter GIA  is probably also being evacuated. Prayers that everyone and the structures nearby  stay safe.

Original Painting for Sale #art #abstract

"Vintage Picnic", original painting on stretched canvas. Approx. 10 x 10 x 0.75

Vintage picnic features soft colors and a super high gloss finish. I love this distressed look and this little beauty is a great accent painting and an affordable way to own your own original.

Vintage Picnic was juried into the Regional Show at the San Diego Art Institute in 2013.

$125 USD

One available; domestic shipping included.

New Art. Untitled No. 8 of 16 #acrylic #art #mixedmedia #abstract

24x24 Mixed media on gallery canvas; second half of a diptych now complete.

24x24 Mixed media on gallery canvas; second half of a diptych now complete.

I'm really in the groove now.. funny how it takes a while to get back into things after a creative break. Many people have been asking me why I am painting my show so early.. Only the reason to get 'er done.. I will not have the time to concentrate on painting so much during the summer while Kate is here...and the guidelines of the gallery require me to make paintings that represent the juried pieces that awarded me the show in the first place.. So without any drastic changes, I want to wrap things up. If between the show and then I make something that compliments the collection, I can make changes as needed.. So..that's the reason.

I want to experiment.. I want to explore... I want to paint for sake of not having to paint..and that time will be soon. Only 5 more paintings to go.

Thank you for stopping by today.

New Art. Untitled No. 8 of 16 #acrylic #art #mixedmedia #abstract

This marks the half-way point for me... My goal is to have 16 new paintings for my show coming up. This is a new 24x24 mixed media piece that I finished up last week.. You'll see a sister painting to this one next week too.. I made two 24x24 diptychs that I like a lot.. Stay tuned.

So these days? A favorite combination.. the worn, muted, distressed neutral palette with a splash of metallic paint and gold leaf. Delicious.

I outline all of the techniques I use in my daily painting in the book I wrote with my friend Chris Cozen.. Here is the link to the book on Amazon. It always makes me happy to know people are using the book...never in my wildest dreams would I think that other artists are inspired by it. Thank you so much!

On the grid. 22 #journal #lettering #artjournal




Ahhh...back to business as usual around here for at least a little over a month. Spring Break is officially over. Come summer vacation, I will revert back to "cruise director" mode. I try every year to finish up the bulk of my painting before my daughter's school lets out.. I'm on schedule so far..

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Happy Birthday Chris Cozen! #artist #sale #ecourse

Happy birthday to my friend, Chris Cozen- for without a chance encounter several years ago I would probably not be painting! (I certainly would not have written a book either!)

In honor of our birthday's (gasp), we are offering a big sale on all of the classes that we co-wrote together! These are the all important skill building classics, my friends: Save on Color: Beyond the Basics, Complex Collage, Texture Town, Pixels and Paint, Mixed Media Melange, Chaos and Calm, and Layer Love v2.0. and pick them up for only $58.99 each.

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Thanks for stopping by..see you soon!

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On the grid. 21 #journal #lettering #artjournal

The best part of my grid book is the format. There is no format. I can put advertisements in there, quick copier prints of my photos...jibber jabber..and it feels really great. I think the number one rule of art journaling should be for YOU to find what works best for you..and understanding that no one way is the right way? That's the golden ticket.

New Art. Untitled No. 6 of 16 #acrylic #art #mixedmedia #abstract

"Beetlejuice 99", 24x24 Acrylic on canvas

"Beetlejuice 99", 24x24 Acrylic on canvas

Hola Amigos! This week I wrapped up this new 24x24" gallery canvas..

This palette lends itself well to my personal grafitti symbols.. secret symbols that I add into almost every painting. I've never listed them all because I like the idea of someone, someday, pointing them out to me... I have a dream that someone might study these paintings (not academically...just personally) and would maybe want to speak to me about them... 

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