Honestly, I'm done fighting with myself.. #sew #DIY

Every year I have the urge to make my Christmas gifts... sometimes things don't go as planned.. Most years I give up and decide on a second project last minute.. Yesterday (December 18!) I canned the whole "make" idea and went out to buy presents.. only to come back home, re-group, and re-design the "make" gifts last minute. Like really last minute... I had to pass these gifts out today.

So. Sew.

There is a problem with the internet these days.. there are tutorials all over and place.. but even though a lot of them look good, at close inspection, they're not. I should have known that the pattern I was admiring wouldn't work.. You're looking at someone who sews a lot of zippered pouches, (and pillows)... I've got the zipper down.. It's my most proud skill now.. so when I saw something in a tutorial that differed from my learned skills, that should have set off the alarm.. it didn't.. I was bamboozled by the number of  hits on the post I was reading and the quality graphics.

After failed attempt at the pattern's instruction, I decided to make this one my own. I had already cut ALL of my fabric as the failed pattern specified.. I repositioned the stabilizer (the pattern called for the stabilizer to be sewn to the lining of the bag...not the outside... but I thought having a better shape was more important to the outside of the bag)... I trimmed the weird pattern pieces to a better shape and sewed all night. I think they look great..the recipients too, I am happy to report.

I had this moment when learning to paint..and I am happy (sort of..after the headache) to have this feeling while learning to sew now.. Knowing how to "fix" things is the best feeling ever..and you learn that feeling by making mistakes, and deviating from patterns that are presented to you. Sort of like a mechanic.. learning how things work. This is my 11th hour, cheerleading moment to you...if you're busily making gifts still... go with your gut... don't pull your hair out over a tutorial. You can do it.

BTW, I put little stocking stuffers in the bags... handmade soaps, note pads, pens, nail polish and various treats.. each monogrammed for the recipient. The interior of each bag is bright patterned fabric that coordinates with the zipper color. The Tru Embroidery software has become invaluable for this type of project.. I am happy I purchased it.

In 2015, new workshops! #mixedmedia #ecourse

We're retiring two workshops in early 2015 to make room for some brand spanking new ones! Take advantage of our final sale on "Mixed Media Melange" and "Pixels and Paint" at $59.50/ea before they're gone.

Still no time limits on class, no expiration date... we won't be accepting new members to either course soon. We hope to see you! Click here for more info.

My #mixedmedia Collection...

This is the second group of 4x6 panels I made for the craft bazaar last week... I will list the panels that are still available soon.. but the weather is cool and my sewing machine has been calling my name. Seems I work better under pressure... now would probably be a good time to start sewing the Christmas gifts on my list... haha

If you're interested in picking up any of these panels for a gift, they are ORIGINALS and they will cost $45 plus a little for shipping... they are on cradled wood panels, with 1.5" profiles.. here is a little photo I took of them to show you the depth:

If you need a quick art gift for someone, use the contact button on the top of my site to claim one.. I'll get around to officially listing them later. See you soon!

edit: They are all up listed now! Click here to see the collection.

We're Live! #mixedmedia #workshops

HI there! Please note that the address to our workshop page has changed. You can now find all of the online mixed media workshops that we offer located here. You'll notice any old links you may have will no longer be valid...but rest assured, the workshops are still here.

Exciting news! Now when you purchase a workshop, all of the written content and login information is automatically emailed to you....like within seconds! No more wait times...come and paint with us anytime. We'd love to see you.

What a great time! #craft #sandiego #mixedmedia

I participated in my first craft/art sale yesterday and had a lot of fun! It was really rewarding to see all of my inventory on the table...and to be able to tell the customers that I made everything. I enjoyed talking to everyone about my workshops and the art on the table..as well as the sales! Truth be told I have not even shopped at many of these sales at all either...so this was really neat.

I whipped up my table banner... "Fine Art Gifts" too... just wanted to show you. :)

I'm going to list the leftover panels here soon... probably in groups of 4. They were so well received...seems like everyone wants to add a collage of art/photos to their home, and these turned out to be the perfect size.

Other than that, I'm almost done converting all of the workshops to "digital"..which means the ordering process will be totally automated. If you buy a workshop in the middle of the night, you can start in the middle of the night...I'll leave the studio lights on for you.

See you soon!

Important Message For All Of Our Students

Dear Students,

As part of our awesome online classes, we have always offered beautiful full-color pdf (aka handouts) that are meant to be used in conjunction with the video lessons. Currently, those handouts are located inside each of your class blogs, most of the time, as chapters inside each lesson. Our intention has always been that students print the handout (or download it) and then use it to take notes as you watch the videos for that lesson. Some classes even come with links to supply lists as well as things like free ephemera and single-page tid-bits that all fit into the larger PDF file.

Effective January 1, 2015, we will no longer host that information for you. 

No one panic, please. 

You are not loosing access to your classes. You are not loosing instructor support... we are simply changing the way in which we provide that "written" or linked-to content that is not video content. We need you to please take your content and download it now.

Effective December 10th, all classes that are sold will feature AUTOMATIC access and AUTOMATIC digital downloads will be made available to you. This is for NEW class members only. There will no longer be waiting until I wake up and process orders so that you can get into class. Isn't that awesome? We're making all of the necessary system upgrades at no additional cost to you so that you can enjoy class the moment you want to.

These changes require me to cancel an old website that I have been using to host the files for all of the classes... ergo, why you need to download what you are entitled to NOW. 


Please do not email me asking where to find your handouts...simply log into your class and take 2 minutes to scroll through and download them. It's that simple.

There have been a lot of technological advancements since we started filming and hosting classes 5+ years ago. I've wanted to make these changes for a long time and have now taken the plunge to do so. We're having great success with the new shopping cart and coupon codes too, which is a part of this upgrade. We hope you like the way that things are being presented.

Thank you again for all of your support! Chris Cozen and I are writing new digital content for bigger and better classes for 2015 as we speak! There are a lot of exciting new changes that are heading our way...and we're happy you're here.

Best regards,

Julie Prichard

Owner- The Land of Lost Luggage

PS- there sure are a lot of you... if any of your friends have signed up for workshops over the last several years, can you please take moment to mention this post to them? We would really appreciate it.

Black Fry Day..

Hope you had a great day yesterday! Ichiro landed himself in the vet's office on Wednesday night.. hurt his paw. The vet put him in a bandage and rather than be one of those hero dogs that they show on TV...you know..the dogs that overcome adversity no matter what and do amazing things? Ichiro has elected to go on strike.. won't move. Won't walk.. he's in total protest that the bandage is on him..whining and barking until we pick him up and move him to where he needs to be. Please pray they take the bandage off tomorrow and all goes well..this is a mess. (Ichiro's meds make him thirsty...so we're up all night taking him to his water dish.) Needless to say...I'm fried.

Leopard print. Loves it.

Our Menu Has Changed.. #mixedmedia #ecourse #craft #DIY

Our new shopping cart experience...simple....fast...secure.

The Thanksgiving menu is not the only menu on my mind today...the shopping cart menu has changed too! What? Oh..yes... Instead of cooking and cleaning, I decided to embark on a new website..today...of all days... See.. it all started because I wanted for sure to be able to offer YOU, dear readers, exciting, low low prices on online mixed media workshops this weekend.. that meant that I have had to fully integrate the shopping cart into the beautiful Squarespace features that are offered here.. I am done with frankenstein-ing paypal buttons, waking up at the crack of dawn to change code... we're now fully automated. Phew! 

Sooo..there are coupons coming... big, fat, juicy, lowest-prices of the year type coupons...and they are coming to all of my believed newsletter subscribers! I hope you're on the list. >wink<

Click here to join the newsletter...but act fast..coupons are being mailed Thanksgiving morning!

Click here to see all of the shiny new workshop pages.

Soon...in the not too far distant future, the PDF class files will be automatically emailed to you right when you pay for class! Fancy! Soon...also in that bright future...the classes will be instantly mailed to you too! Just not quite yet..I have to cook for tomorrow now.

Happy Thanksgiving to you! I am thankful you are here.

Exclusive Discounts for Newsletter Subscribers.. #ecourse #mixedmedia #art

Hi there! Sorry for my absence... seems that dreaming of things to sell at the upcoming Craft Bazaar are running rampant.. as are ideas on how I can offer you the best Holiday Weekend deals around..

I'm getting back to work on my website for the sales... but just wanted to remind you that these deals will be for newsletter subscribers only! Be sure to CLICK HERE to add your name to the list. 

Happy Thanksgiving Almost!

Fun Is Work in Progress.. #mixedmedia #art

I'm on my way... 17 new originals coming for sale at a local Craft Bazaar.. these are still missing their dimensional, gloss coat.. 

I've never sold at a craft bazaar before.. but my friend is fundraising and I thought the cause was worthwhile...so off I go! If you're in San Diego, mark your calendars for December 7th, Noon - 4pm. I'll have signed copies of my book, homemade stationary, original paintings (small and large) all of which make awesome gifts! I'm set up to accept credit cards and everything... legit.

See you soon...back to the easel. 

Attention All Units...

wood panel mixed media art.jpg

All cylinders are firing over here... I've got some progress on my craft bazaar inventory.. 17 panels now prepped, sanded, textured and collaged.. ready for paint!

Mark your calendars... Craft Bazaar is in Lakeside, CA on December 7th.. I'd be happy to see you there! It's an open house with TWENTY-FIVE vendors! One stop shopping..I can't wait! I'll have copies of our book for sale...I can even sign your copy too if you stop by.

Don't forget- we're open for business in the teaching network too! Lots of the mixed media courses make GREAT gifts.. are you making your gifts this year?

Classes with great Gift Ideas:

Mixed Media Variety Hour: Frame-able custom photograph wall art... Idea Books (These are always a HUGE hit when I give them as presents!)

Mixed Media Melange: Custom Vinyl sewn gifts? These look super impressive!

And of course...who wouldn't want an awesome painting made by YOU?? Check out the entire online workshop lineup here. We're open 24/7 with daily instructor support and NO time limits.

The Word on the Street..

Maria Sharapova for Halloween....

Yes...he sleeps like this sometimes... mama mia..

Always my first love...

Pink trees!

Happy mail...

I am working on my Craft Bazaar inventory... 17 small panels prepped and ready to go...but I can't sacrifice my usual painting style for a quick buck.. Can I pull off 17 paintings in 2 weeks? Plus Thanksgiving (and tennis of course)? I am really going to try..

It's also been the week of the insanely beautiful coffee table book over here...two treats purchased = great eye candy..I'll share more of those soon.. Happy weekend to you!

What's Your Color Theory? #mixedmedia

rose tones color.jpg

Look at this color! These roses are probably about a day too old, but the color..I can't get enough of it. Look at all of the different pink tones in this small bouquet!

color theory workshop.jpg

No filter in post for these.. just raw, rose, beautiful color..

blending paint online workshop.jpg

These petals...they mirror how I like to paint.. Analogous color, blended smoothly from one color to the next. I can show you how to do this..

Do you hesitate when choosing color in your art? Do you need help blending so that the color in your paintings looks like these petals? Our huge online workshop, "Color: Beyond the Basics is the class for you.. learn everything about the paint you already have in your house...or we can recommend some for you to pickup if you are starting from scratch! Once you complete all of the lessons in this class...you'll be painting like mother nature...and it will be easy.

...and just because it's Halloween week, I'll give you $10 off Color: Beyond the Basics if you purchase it before Sunday morning. Click here for more info.