One of my Favorites.. #art #abstract #acrylic #mixedmedia

Acrylic on canvas; 24x30" NFS

Acrylic on canvas; 24x30" NFS

I have this painting hanging in my bedroom.. I keep finding myself staring at it, noticing each and every mark, and layers that reach up to the surface from down below. Paintings like this make me really happy...

When the OPEN line of paints from Golden launched, I didn't think I needed anything other than the fluid acrylics I was accustomed to using. Boy was I wrong... I now use about 80% OPEN in all of my work... the rest fluid, mixed in with them. Yes, they require patience and a long dry time... but to me, the results are well worth the wait.. Not one for rushing through painting, I savor every layer and process, most times working around 7 days per piece.

This painting features techniques that I teach along with Chris Cozen in the Layer Love v2.0 online workshop. Get the details for that class and see the samples here.

Mixed Media Variety

I poured my entire heart and soul into this mega online workshop. The "Julie Prichard Mixed Media Variety Show with your host Julie Prichard" (catchy title, eh?) is action packed with discussion, art and fun footage... I would love to hear from those of you who may be taking the class now...and for those of you looking for something high quality and heart felt... this may be what you have been searching for! Click on the video above to view the promo...and look at all of these great projects!

Class samples from the Mixed Media Variety Show workshop. #mixedmedia #artjournal

Class samples from the Mixed Media Variety Show workshop. #mixedmedia #artjournal

You can CLICK HERE to register....scroll to the bottom of the page. I hope to see you!

PS- this class runs 238 minutes.. Just shy of 4 hours... professionally edited footage for repetition and the magic of television. I was stunned earlier this week to find online workshops for the same price with less than one hour of content... wow.

My Checkered Past #art #mixedmedia

"Checkered Past", Mixed Media on gallery canvas,  30x40"

"Checkered Past", Mixed Media on gallery canvas,  30x40"

Ahh.. the re-work.

Remember the blackish diptych I finished up for my upcoming show? The diptych is no more... One painting did not survive. The sibling is pictured above.. and I have to say...I am much happier with the results.

Don't beat yourself up over your artwork.. if something is bothering you, there is always one of two choices you can make. Destroy the painting.... that's right... get it allll out.. or keep painting.

I was so frustrated with the last set of paintings, I actually put one out to pasture. And you know what? It's O.K. I'm ok too.

Hope you like the new art... we're enjoying each other.

Last Sunday in San Diego #SDCC

Yes...I will put on paper anime hair if it makes my daughter laugh...and yes, I am the mom who will sweet talk Hello Kitty staff to be able to wait in line for a while so that my girl could meet Yuko Yamaguchi!

Kate kept asking me what time it was as we waited the couple of hours to be able to get the chance..she was so excited.. but... being a huge Sanrio fan ever since grade school... I don't know who was more excited... A convention highlight for us.

This year at Comicon, Kate asked if she could use her money to "buy art"... YES! Proud moment.


Workshop sale ends soon! #mixedmedia #art #ecourse

Two great online classes are on sale now through Thursday only! You can pick up my newest workshop "Mixed Media Vacation" for only $49.99! Chris Cozen and I are also running "Mixed Media Melange" on sale for only $59.99. Don't miss out!

No time limits and great quality classes.. Click here for Mixed Media Vacation. Click here for Mixed Media Melange. We hope to see you there!

Down yellow street.. #collage #mixedmedia #art

Untitled 16x20 Mixed Media on illustration board.

Untitled 16x20 Mixed Media on illustration board.

I demo'd my garage paint space. It's gonezo. Poof.

Sure feels empty in there... remember my spray paint drawers? No more.

File photo... Julie's garage workbench.

File photo... Julie's garage workbench.

We have been wanting to tear down this 1962 garage space for a long time. You know sometimes when you have nothing on the calendar...... and do-it-yourself-itis? Boom. Demo happens.

So that's all gone and a couple of new wooden tables are being whipped up. One with recycled wood from the old bench... which makes me happy.

So summer continues.... and once the tables are in place, art. (I can't work with one piece of anything out of place.. try explaining that to people you live with... if there is a mess anywhere... it blocks my thought process.) I don't mind...

See you again soon. xx


Online Workshop FLASH sale! $49.99 #mixedmedia

Mixed media on yupo.

Mixed media on yupo.

Through the end of the month, pick up my fun, get-your-hands-busy-with-fun-products-and-make-really-cool-art workshop, Mixed Media Vacation for only $49.99! You won't want to miss this sale price if you are interested in this's a steal with no time limits, beautiful video and an amazing downloadable handout! Click here to see what the fuss is about.

Happy weekend!


Mixed Media Melange #summerfun #mixedmedia #ecourse

Only one sample of things you can find in our Mixed Media Melange Ecourse.

Only one sample of things you can find in our Mixed Media Melange Ecourse.

Perfect for summer vacation.. Grab those bits and bobs you have been collecting and some paint, and come with us to our Mixed Media Melange online workshop! You'll find tons of inspiration like these awesome tags pictured above.

Class is open now, and on SALE for only $59.99! Click here to find out more and to register. 

Happy. #mixedmedia #art #blog

Nothing serious. Mixed media 16x20" on illustration board.

Nothing serious. Mixed media 16x20" on illustration board.

I typically paint strong paintings using a very neutral palette. Think tan, white, browns, the know, my usual. This summer, however, I have been reaching over and over for the yellows and golds. Is it the definition of insanity? Repeating something over and over and expecting different results? I ALWAYS have trouble with the yellows.... but why do I always reach for them?

Talking with my friend this morning, she made a good point... she mentioned that she bets we can look at someone's portfolio and a picture of their living room and match them up. Wouldn't you know it? I painted every wall in the house neutral (Sandstone Cove to be exact) and I usually only wear Black, white and navy. I dress and decorate in the same way that I paint! It's true.

Trouble arose yesterday when I had some trouble with fixative on the two paintings pictured below:

Diptych: 2x 30x40 Mixed Media

Diptych: 2x 30x40 Mixed Media

I wanted these paintings to work. What you cannot see in the picture is a bunch of light colored (worn) graffiti. The graffiti was not to be bold...just barely there. Well, the fixative darkened the light pastel I wrote it in and I could not salvage it. So I started over. The diptych shortly became one new, awesome yellow painting (not pictured) plus one green and pink painting that was going south FAST.

Green and Pink???? What the hell happened to me? That painting has since been destroyed... I got the pink and green out of my system.. and understand that how much I want to use those sort of colors sometimes, they are not for me... I'm sticking to what I know.

So what do you think? Happen to you? Let me know on Facebook. I am interested to know what you think. Thanks for stopping in! We are enjoying light rain in San Diego today...a real "howler" in July! Can you believe it?

Feathers #mixedmedia

Feathers, 16x20 Mixedmedia art on Illustration Board

Feathers, 16x20 Mixedmedia art on Illustration Board

Shown above, the progression of a recent mixed media painting I completed. Starting with simple, neutral collage elements and a layer or two of paint, this piece morphed into a new painting I have titled, "Feathers".

A rare, free say this summer while my daughter was away.. we're having so much fun this year with days spent playing tennis and swimming...the best "summer camp" there is.

Thank you for stopping by today. See you soon.

On the grid. 30 #journal #lettering #artjournal

Summer has been off to a great start... The best decision I think I have made as far as summers go is to not have enrolled in any camps this year.. We are enjoying time together and having a lot of fun. I've had to take a couple of weeks off of tennis to try to strengthen one of my knees... that was sad, but I know I will be back strong when it is time to play.. Patience...not my strong suit.

Oh..World Cup... In. To. It.

Rest, relaxation and recreation have pushed my grid book to the back shelf.. I have not picked up one pen yet this summer.. nor a paintbrush be expected.. This happens when I complete a lot of work.. I take some time off and then create again when the time feels right.

Our online mixed media workshops, on the other hand, have a lot of people painting away.. and we are happy to see them- if you've been thinking about building some solid mixed media art time like the present. Click here to take a look at all of the topics we have to offer..there really is something for everyone.


Original Painting for Sale #art #abstract #mixedmedia

Untitled 81; Acrylic on cradled wood panel; 24x18x1.5"

Untitled 81; Acrylic on cradled wood panel; 24x18x1.5"

A rare opportunity to own one of my originals. This handsome, contemplative, abstract will add a soothing feel to your decor. Professional grade (no solvent smell!), archival acrylic paint is ready to hang and serve its purpose- to look beautiful. :)

This painting is featured on page 81 of our best selling book, "Acrylic Solutions".

   SOLD! Thank you!

On the grid. 29 #journal #lettering #artjournal

Captain's log: First official weekday of summer vacation- no camps. Ahhhh... Enjoyed a leisurely morning, tennis tonight. Feels great.

Watched Italy vs. England last Saturday... had a great time! Will pick up some other matches for sure.. Super fun. 

Celebrating Kate this week by buying her first official set of bedroom furniture.. She's never had anything matching.. I always told her that I would get her a dresser and desk before she got into 3rd grade. So excited.. Packing up old toys and "stuff" for donation..and getting ready for the new pieces to come in. She is growing up very fast...

Been noticing a lot of articles on "advice" on how to write an "attractive" blog to garner readership, of course.... "I can help you with this...realize that... blah blah." I say write what you want to write, write when you want to write..and don't care what anyone else thinks. Write for you. It's better that way.

That is all. See you again soon.

New Art. Untitled No. 12 of 16 #acrylic #art #mixedmedia #abstract

Acrylic on cavas; 24x30", Gallery Canvas

Acrylic on cavas; 24x30", Gallery Canvas

Your walls are painted dark, your furniture is light with accents of high polished silver. The textures in the room reflect those in this painting... Perfectly neutral, with layers to get lost inside.

So proud of my girl...wrapped up 2nd grade with a perfect report card, perfect attendance, runner-up in the Spelling Bee and she is doing awesome in tennis.... She doesn't like me to post her picture online, but take my word for it....I'm one happy mom. :) Happy summer!

Teacher's Gifts #sewn

Hand made cosmetic pouches with L'Occitane gifts for the teachers this year..

Hand made cosmetic pouches with L'Occitane gifts for the teachers this year..

I whipped up these simple pouches to hold some small gifts for the teachers this year. They measure about 7x5" and feature a quick embroidered monogram. I enjoy making things like this rather than paper gift bags.. I think the size is perfect to carry in a purse or tote bag.