On the grid. 21 #journal #lettering #artjournal

The best part of my grid book is the format. There is no format. I can put advertisements in there, quick copier prints of my photos...jibber jabber..and it feels really great. I think the number one rule of art journaling should be for YOU to find what works best for you..and understanding that no one way is the right way? That's the golden ticket.

New Art. Untitled No. 6 of 16 #acrylic #art #mixedmedia #abstract

"Beetlejuice 99", 24x24 Acrylic on canvas

"Beetlejuice 99", 24x24 Acrylic on canvas

Hola Amigos! This week I wrapped up this new 24x24" gallery canvas..

This palette lends itself well to my personal grafitti symbols.. secret symbols that I add into almost every painting. I've never listed them all because I like the idea of someone, someday, pointing them out to me... I have a dream that someone might study these paintings (not academically...just personally) and would maybe want to speak to me about them... 

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On the grid. 18 #journal #lettering #artjournal

Hi. I have been numbering these sketchbook pages since I started photographing them. These are pages 41 and 42 of my moleskine grid paper journal. I love looking at progress, so as I am nearing completion of this first journal, I find myself counting the remaining pages. I think there are about 15 left since my last count.. Not to worry, I have a brand new book ready to go.

There are a lot of things to consider (for me anyway) when looking at journals to purchase. Of course I can make my own..but sometimes I do not want a homemade feel.. I really was drawn to the size and feel of this book..and I am also drawn tot he uniformity of a collection of these on my shelf.. They are my alternative to the "art journal" (see my previous art journal pages here). There are books in the marketplace that prohibit ink bleed which are tempting..but the paper has a grayish tint.. I prefer the warmth of these pages.. and I love the graph paper..takes me back to my early exploring days in Mom & Pop Office Supply stores... finding something different and new was always so exciting.

I'm keeping it real.. the writing is recognizable as my own..and where I was searching and searching for some magic answer to improving my penmanship, I have decided to keep the truth in what I have here... honesty.. I don't want to force myself to learn something that isn't "me".. I love simplicity.

The solo show is progressing..I am at a point now where I want to line the paintings up and look at the group as a collection...just to gauge my progress..and then I will keep painting. I think I am on painting number 8 this week... the half way mark.

When it is dark outside..or when I only have a few minutes, I continue to find happiness in my simple journal. Thanks for coming by today.

The Class Auction Project #Craft

This year marks my 4 year anniversary of completing auction projects for Kate's class. Every grade will complete one craft project (which is supposed to be a collaboration with the children) and the projects are auctioned off during the annual school fundraiser. Since Kate is in 2nd grade this year, the focus is First Holy Communion. 

A group of parents recommended a "Memory Box" that will be made to hold all of the mementos of the day; photos, rosary, bible, program and/or special jewelry. 

I rescued this unfortunate home decor item from a store here for about $16. The size was perfect for our needs and the construction was much more solid than "blank" boxes sold at big box craft stores. But man....was it plain.

I knew that a box like this would be a treasure if I incorporated gold leaf into the design. To hold the gold leaf, I purchased this cheap-o picture frame with small raised detail and attached it to the top of the box.

One of the best mementos of receiving First Holy Communion is that the children are receiving it with their best friends, their classmates. Each child in the class made a small piece of art that I  pre-measured to cover the inside of the box. So that we didn't feel rushed during the school day, I sent the pre-measured paper home with everyone and asked that they complete the artwork using colored pencil. Why colored pencil? Because I knew that the pencil would not run or bleed when I used polymer medium to attach the art to the box. If the kids were to use marker, this would have been a big mess.

The box is covered in layers of archival acrylic paint, in sort of a distressed, but not too distressed finish and gold leaf detail on the top of the box. The gold leaf is the gourmet item on this "build" so I hope it attracts high bidders.

See some of my past auction artwork here:

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Dark. Period.

Untitled 30x40"; Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas

Untitled 30x40"; Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas

I feel like I would wish for bionic vision.. I wish I  had a small metal switch behind my ear so that I could manually adjust my iris depending on the current indoor lighting conditions. Dark day in the studio? I could over-expose 1-2 stops.. That's what I would wish for.

In other news...here is the latest addition to my collection. I am going to coat this in something extremely glossy before the show. Thank you for stopping by!

Book Review No. 7: Creative Block

I follow "The Jealous Curator" blog and was very excited to see that the Jealous Curator herself was publishing a book. Friends....this is a good one.

"Creative Block" is a well written book.. blah blah... THE LAYOUT OF THIS BOOK IS REFRESHING AND WELL THOUGHT OUT. Boom. Yes...refreshing.

Having experienced publishing first hand, I have to admit that these days, after looking at the author of the book, I immediately glance to see who published the book. From book to book...topic to topic, I think it matters. A lot.

Curating 50 successful artists sounds like a logistical nightmare. Danielle figured out how to do it..how to do it well..and how to keep my interest through the 280-some pages in the book. The mediums presented by each artist, the photographs as well as the responses to her interview questions are engaging and very not boring.

This is a book that will be reference over and over.. There is no official book review rating here in The Land of Lost Luggage..but if there were, this would be "up there" for sure.

Julie Prichard buys these books with her own money...is not given compensation..and in this case has no affiliation with the author or publisher. Thank you for reading!


New Art. Untitled No. 3/16 #acrylic #art #mixedmedia #abstract

36x48" Gallery Canvas ; Acrylic and Graphite

36x48" Gallery Canvas ; Acrylic and Graphite

Continuing with the discipline of one fine art painting/week.. here is week 3. The climate in San Diego allows me to paint.. dry..layer..dry and repeat pretty frequently...and I am finding that one week seems like a reasonable allowance for me.

This one of the largest paintings I have attempted to date.. It's huge here in the house..and there are not many places to hang it. I am working on three of these to anchor my upcoming show. Physical demands for blending paint in this wide of an area are pretty demanding... I'm really happy with this. Hope you like it.

Two book-reports are in the wings here... They will be ready soon.

Thanks for stopping in today.

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