Van Dyke Brown

This morning, I was standing outside for several minutes... it was painfully cold. Yep....47 degrees in San Diego. I'd never make it on the East Coast. NEVER.

I'm continuing to clean out my studio. This is another original painting that measures 16x20.. It's a practice board, so you can get a really nice deal on it right now. Click here for more info.


24x24" Gallery canvas; Original art for sale now.

24x24" Gallery canvas; Original art for sale now.

This piece was once part of a diptych, but I think I like it better standing alone now. It's a nice 24x24" gallery stretched canvas. Layers of acrylic paint like layers of graffiti faded over time... this piece warms up a room without loosing it's grunge feel. Lots and lots of hidden symbols to find here. For sale in my shop now. Click here to see the collection.

Calm. Blue. Art.

Untitled 12; Mixed media on stretched gallery canvas. 30x40x1.5" Original for sale now.

Untitled 12; Mixed media on stretched gallery canvas. 30x40x1.5" Original for sale now.

Seems that I have out painted the space allotment for my upcoming group solo show (whatever that means) ... New originals are listed in the shop. Click here.

National Handwriting Day

I love holding letters in my hand.. not greeting cards.. handwritten letters. I love the feeling of unfolding them, folding them back up...and opening them again to reread their special contents. Sadly, I can't remember the last time that someone gave me such a letter....

Get your pens out today, and write a few, will you? I'm going to write in my journal to get some things out of my head.

Happy National Handwriting Day

Pretty As A Picture..

I have really great natural lighting in my kitchen... which means if I am working on something in there, it isn't long before I am taking a few pictures. Wouldn't you want to paint these? I might...

Want to see how I take pictures of my artwork? Click here.

Earlier This Week..

It has been ten years since I became a mom. When you say that out loud, it seems like such a long time. Well, I guess it is a long time. It has not been easy, but the last ten years have been the most rewarding... the best ten years of my life. When I come to a milestone, I tend to think about the other things that may have happened around that same time..

Ten years ago, I started to dabble in "crafting".. Ten years ago (or slightly earlier than that), I started blogging... Ten years ago, I decided to stay home from my "regular" job... to give it all up... and raise this girl. I struggle a lot with the decision that I made when I was pregnant, because I never thought I would be out of the work force for this long. (People that know me really know that nerdy as it sounds...I loved being a gemologist with my whole heart.) But when I look back, I wouldn't have changed a single thing. 

Ten years ago, I would never have imagined that I would have an online business and that I would be "connected" to so many of you from right here in San Diego... So thank you.. thank you for being a part of "all this"... it really means a lot to us.

My Favorite Pen

I recently found an 03 Micron pen in my desk...surrounded by a battalion of 02s... "Where have you been all of my life?" I whispered..

Reinforcements are on the way...

Godzilla El Nino Garden Surprises

Here in San Diego, Mother Nature pretty much let us know who was boss yesterday.. For the last few months the city has been making us aware of the preparations that we need to make at home.. He's here.

It rained so hard yesterday afternoon. Hard and fast.. We had some minor flooding in our back yard, which consequently floods the garage..but we are used to it. There is just so much water at one time, the drains cannot handle it. Others were not so lucky.. Accidents, car damage, water rescues and business/home flooding were pretty common all over the city yesterday.. and this is just the beginning. We live at the top of a slope, so it is unlikely that we will experience several feet of standing water. More rain is expected today...and this will last through March they say.. (Apparently this will be the biggest El Nino season on record....with rains like this not seen here since 1997!)

Walking around outside during a break in the storm, I spotted these two pretties.. One of my succulents shot out the little pink and orange flowers shown in the top photo..and some volunteer paper white bulbs bloomed too. I love surprises like that.

Rained in, cold or snowed in? Don't forget we have some pretty great Online Mixed Media workshops running now. You can see the list of available workshops by clicking here. Winter is a great time to sit down with us... I'll come in and check on you daily.. I hope to see you there!

New Years Eve #mixedmedia #art

"After Hours" 36x48", Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

"After Hours" 36x48", Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

Dear Friends, Happy New Year to you! 

We like to watch the celebration at home on TV... usually the east coast feeds because I can never make it until midnight.

I'm feeling the urge to paint soon I think... the temperature in San Diego is perfect for working here in my studio, not too hot, not too cold... El Nino promises a very wet winter for us, so my time on the tennis court may be limited... as they say, "the perfect storm" for creativity!

My friend Chris Cozen posted this on her Facebook page..and it hits home. After seeing the effects of time on some craft paint projects, I am always hesitant to purchase any art unless I know what I am getting. How about you?

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Happy Holidays to You

Photograph I took of my daughter; age 9.

Photograph I took of my daughter; age 9.

Thank you to everyone who comes by to take a look at my blog...for all these years...I wouldn't be here without you. Whichever holiday is yours, happiest wishes... and Happy New Year!

Our Sale Ends Saturday Night #mixedmedia

Time is running out to save on all of our online mixed media workshops! You can grab workshops now through Saturday night for prices that are so reasonable.... With all of our workshops, you have no time limits, professionally edited video, so-much-content and UNLIMITED instructor support! That's right... I look out for you every day*, rain or shine. Click here to see the course line up. We hope to see you in class!

*Existing Students please note the teaching network will be closed December 24-26...but you can post and I will be back to check in on the 27th. Happy holidays!

Calling All Units.... Get Me This New Book

My friend Chris Cozen has a brand new book on the shelves this month! Acrylic Color Explorations is a beautiful, spiral bound book that you might want to check out if you are looking for fresh content regarding color and expression.

julie prichard color book.jpg

I'm happily featured on page 29 of the book, where Chris explains my frequent use of layered color and variations of black and white.

Of course, the book is also filled with Chris's own art and techniques... isn't the painting pictured above delicious?

Chris will walk you through mixing color, how to use color, what placement of color says to the viewer...and so much more. This book is not a "curated" book filled with guest artist after guest artist, but more of a "special guest" thrown in here and there accompanied by many informative pages from Chris. A perfect partner to our book, "Acrylic Solutions"!

Layer Love v2.0 Now On Sale

Student artwork from Corine Buechner, Layer Love v2.0 online workshop.

Student artwork from Corine Buechner, Layer Love v2.0 online workshop.

Don't forget I have all of the online workshops on sale this season! Check out the class line-up and the awesome sale prices by clicking here.

I'm so proud to see contemporary artwork come out of the classes we teach. Corine made the painting above and here is what she had to say to Chris Cozen and I: 

"I think I am starting to be able to use the knowledge and techniques from your wonderful book and classes to create something I am pleased with. Living in the woods in Northern Minnesota, as I do, I would never have had the opportunity to take classes of such quality and diversity of information if not for your online classes. So, thanks, to both of you!"

No...Thank YOU, Corine!

Go Find Your Passion. Thanks, I'll Pass For Now.

Photography. Writing. Video Production. Problem Solving. Gemology. Painting. Teaching.... Creative slump. 

My friend sent me a great article on "finding your passion".. and not only is the author on my "favorites" list now.. but I have been doing a lot of thinking. If one of the main issues in my career of being an artist is what medium to most identify myself with, why do I need to choose? And if being unable to make that identification makes me feel like I have failed... or that I am not good enough at something, why do I continually dwell on it?

Being a creative is a lonely profession often packaged nicely with a bunch of "I don't belongs" with this and that.. and "I can never do thats".. It is refreshing to read an alternative point of view strung together with a few f-bombs for great measure.. what do you think?

(Blog posts are better with pictures. That's Chewie's first Christmas photo above. He's 11 months old now.)

paper snowflakes are awesome

I love Christmas decorations. I do not love spending money on them. Therefore, for the second consecutive year we are using plain white copy paper to decorate the house. Taking our cue from Buddy the Elf, my nine year old and I will make about 4 times as many snowflakes than what is shown in the photo above.

I use this tutorial to refresh my memory on how to make the folds, sharp scissors and plain white printer paper. Thread cut to various lengths will attach these to my ceiling. Once cut, I use my iron to gently flatten them out. I am looking forward to watching them all move gently the breeze! For a project like this, I think big impact is best, so we will be cutting for a while. I'll post a picture of the finished product to my Facebook page soon. Thanks for the inspiration, Buddy!

From the movie. "Elf" 2003

From the movie. "Elf" 2003

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Please note that we will be taking a couple of holiday vacation days this season.. There may be a slight delay in responses in the teaching network. Please click on the "Instructor Status" link inside your google+ classroom for more info.

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