We Like The Internet

Mucho Metallic Samples - Close-Up

Mucho Metallic Samples - Close-Up

Over 3,017 SOLD....and still going strong! Can you imagine?? A couple of computers in the process....lots of software...camera upgrades...and a bigillion emails...and WOW.

Since January 1, we have had a rush of new students come into our online mixed media workshops. That's fine...

But I've received so many compliments...

Some say the classes are the best out there..

Others say they can't believe how much instruction they got for such a small price...

And then my favorite- you guys are so fast to respond! (Why? Because we respond to EVERY question in the network...always. We LOVE the internet.

Finally....some say they can't believe the quality of the video and editing.

Truth is...when I first started making online workshops, I knew I wanted them to be the same if not BETTER than an in person workshop. That meant I would have to be available for every student all the time...AND that I needed to teach myself all the latest editing tools...from scratch. Yah..it was hard..but now we know...all the hard work paid off. I would never imagine an online workshop coming any other way...


Thank you to all far and near for your kind words and support over the years. Thank you to Chris Cozen for jumping on board too....my fingers would have fallen off by now for sure... we'll celebrate with some signed copies of the book this spring. (I've started calling the book my "greatest hits" collection...it's all of our favorite techniques rolled into one....I can't wait to show you!) Don't miss any of the festivities, you can sign up for my newsletter here. Click here to follow me on facebook.

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