Act Natural Class Promo from Julie Prichard on Vimeo.

Join me in this workshop where we use a limited, neutral palette to explore art we make that mimics the time-worn treasures that we love. We'll learn quick, simple techniques that you can use on their own or layered together to make fantastic pieces of art to hang on your wall!

Ever watch sitcoms or talk shows and look at the art the set director has chosen for the backdrop? Love all those grungy prints you can buy at the Big Box or Home Decor shop in the mall? That plus the neutral, aged palette that I love is where I got the inspiration for this class. These are not backgrounds. We are making contemporary, abstract art.


Online mixed media workshop hosted by Julie Prichard


Open Now! Once you register, you will receive your network and/or class invitation within 36 hours. (Be sure to keep your eye on your spam folder too.) Once you accept the invitation, you have access to the entire class. Instant Gratification! Once you're in the class, there are NO TIME LIMITS. Yes..that's right...sign up now, life gets in the way of art, and you can come in and get me a year from now. Seriously. You can also take the class now..and then take it again and again... our students love this!


Online! I have a private network that is similar to something like facebook. You can view video lessons as much as you want and interact with other students and ME (optional, of course....but I love to hear from you).  You can post pictures of your art and receive unlimited feedback from the instructor (that's me).

What do you get? Check all this out:

You get professionally edited HD video to 9 lessons. Learn layerable techniques to use in your art journal OR on canvas to make grungy, distressed art

A beautiful 20 page color PDF to download and keep

Full instructor support answering all questions within 24 hours 

Some free ephemera from my personal collection to download and get started with

Unlimited access to the class in the online network

Free, unlimited critiques on your class artwork


You! This class is perfect for beginners and more experienced students alike! How you complete the lessons is up to you. If you want the basics, they are there...if you want a push, just ask!

Click here to download a copy of the class supply list.


Act Natural Online Workshop $57.
Run time approx: 135 minutes.


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