A Little Piece of Summer..

"Summer" 16x20

"Summer" 16x20

This piece will suit almost any decor...I love the subtlety of the color..and the hints of collage. It's rich and textural...and ready to come over to your house. Original painting by Julie Prichard, $250.00. Click here for more info.

I think someone short, super cute and furry might be coming to stay with us soon....details in a couple weeks.

Fine Art Sale #mixedmedia

"The Search" as featured in, "Acrylic Solutions" 11x14x1 Mixed media on canvas

"The Search" as featured in, "Acrylic Solutions" 11x14x1 Mixed media on canvas

Hi! I'm cleaning and making room for new paintings...I've placed a handful of my originals on sale  including the piece shown above..one of my all time favorites. Lots of depth, texture and layers...the photo doesn't do the painting justice. Please click here to take a look at my paintings. Domestic shipping is $20.. $80 for international buyers and I pack everything up very nice. 

See you soon.... I've got to paint.

The feeling.. #mixedmedia

Class sample from the new online workshop "Collage Fusion". Now open!

Class sample from the new online workshop "Collage Fusion". Now open!

I'm crazy about the fluid shapes in this art....

A couple of people have commented to us that they are so happy that they get to "talk" to their instructors in an online workshop... Yes..it's true. We WANT to talk to you about your art....as MUCH AS YOU NEED too.. 

Collage Fusion is open. Click here for more info.

And Away They Go.... #mixedmedia

minimalist collage up.jpg

Class sample from the new online mixed media workshop, "Collage Fusion".

We're so happy to hear that students are already enjoying our new online workshop! Here is what people have been saying about it:

feedback 1.jpg
feedback 2.jpg
feedback 4.jpg

We also wanted to thank everyone for the massive support on our video on Facebook.. Thank you to everyone who shared it! It really means a lot to us.

Collage Fusion is ON SALE now through midnight pacific on Wednesday. Use the code GRANDOPENING at checkout and save 10%. Take a look around while you're here, you can also use the code on all of our other great workshops as well as my original art/gifts.

The techniques in Collage Fusion are all new and fresh vs. our previous collage workshop, Complex Collage. Two totally different styles of collage. You can click here for more info and to register.

We hope to see you soon!


Chris Cozen and I have just released our first  collaborative online workshop since 2013! We are so excited to show you what we have been working on. We've got the best footage that I have ever edited..great camera angles, sound, the handout..we're really proud of how everything came together. Take a look at the promo video that I made for us: (video below)

Collage Fusion is WAY different than our previous offerings..we've learned so much over the years that we have been teaching. Today through the 4th, you can save 10% off all workshops, including Collage Fusion, by using the code GRANDOPENING at checkout. Have you purchased a workshop from us in the last 6 months? The ordering process is automated now...you get class access right when you register!

CLICK HERE for more info and to register.

CLICK HERE for more info and to register.

Collage. I love you. #mixedmedia

Mixed media on canvas, 16x20"

Mixed media on canvas, 16x20"

I loose sight of collage sometimes...but when I look around in my portfolio, I notice a lot of it. I like using collage as an accent to my paint.. not usually as the main idea of a painting.. just little hints of papers that may have been there at one time... how about you?

What about the planning stages?

Mixed Media Art created for Pam Carriker's book here.

Mixed Media Art created for Pam Carriker's book here.

I feel like my schedule is all over the place these days... I have to remind myself to breathe and relax sometimes...

A good friend reminded me of something important.. planning... planning things that you are going to do before you actually do them is really hard work. The workshop for example.. I'm working on raising production values..and doing the best that I can without an actual film studio.. and researching, and planning, and thinking... and even though I am empty handed during the process, I am still working. It kind of feels like the most difficult work of all actually...because there really is not a result until many days later when you see everything come together online... I have to remember that.

Hope you're having a good weekend... #GoHawks

Happy 2015 Discount for YOU! #mixedmedia #ecourse #sale #DIY

Happy New Year! There is a pretty sweet deal on my website right now...you can save 15% off EVERYTHING that I have listed... all workshops (even the ones that are already on sale!) plus ALL original art!

Maybe you like original encaustic paintings like this one?

Maybe you like original encaustic paintings like this one?

Or this abstract? Very handsome..

Or this abstract? Very handsome..

This painting, "Vintage Picnic" is one of my favorites..

This painting, "Vintage Picnic" is one of my favorites..

Or this painting featured in the book, "Acrylic Solutions?"

Or this painting featured in the book, "Acrylic Solutions?"

These things are all on sale..and I ship pretty fast too... the classes? You get them INSTANTLY.. The sale will end at the end of the day January 21 (pacific time). Hope to see you there!

Click here to see all of the sale art.

Click here to see the sale workshops (ecourses)

While you're at it, click here to find me on Facebook.

Code Breaker

This is a super small painting.. I think it was about 3x3".. I soldered this painting inside a frame to present it as a christmas gift to my friend in 2012. I'm looking through my files and am happy to know that the style of painting that I liked back then, still holds true today.. it signals to me that I have defined my true style as an artist.

These days I have been working at my daughter's school, and slowly absorbing some books and magazines.. taking things easy as we finalize material for new mixed media online workshops. A few years ago, I would have been in a panic if I were not feverishly painting every day..but now I have accepted the ebb and flow of my creativity.

Cloudy skies and cool temperatures find me more contemplative than usual. I'm doing my best to stay on track.

2014 Review No. 3 The Year of Gold Leaf #mixedmedia #artist #art

Untitled, sometimes.. 24x24" Mixed media on gallery canvas

Untitled, sometimes.. 24x24" Mixed media on gallery canvas

Never shying away from anything shiny, in 2014, I used a lot of gold leaf.. in paintings, in craft projects, in paper crafting.. it was all over the place. There was loads of metallic paint as well... and making the metallics look aged was one of my favorite things to do. How about you?

2014 Review No. 2 "My Checkered Past" #mixedmedia #art #artist

"My Checkered Past" 30x40" Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas

"My Checkered Past" 30x40" Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas

"My Checkered Past" is a painting that I completed for my upcoming solo show..name TBD, but I have some ideas percolating. I think the main challenge I faced while making the show was to make sure that I had a collection in which the pieces were unique, but that they "went" together. It was really difficult especially around the 10th painting mark.. (The collection stands at 16...but I may only show 15.)

I love yellow... I hate to paint with it and I find that it is the color I struggle with the most..but...the yellow paintings garner the most attention when people see them hanging..so I guess the hard work pays off.

Most of my large paintings are completed using techniques in the Layer Love v2.0 mixed media online workshop... if you want to get going with some killer abstract art, take a look here and join Chris Cozen and I!

My #mixedmedia Collection...

This is the second group of 4x6 panels I made for the craft bazaar last week... I will list the panels that are still available soon.. but the weather is cool and my sewing machine has been calling my name. Seems I work better under pressure... now would probably be a good time to start sewing the Christmas gifts on my list... haha

If you're interested in picking up any of these panels for a gift, they are ORIGINALS and they will cost $45 plus a little for shipping... they are on cradled wood panels, with 1.5" profiles.. here is a little photo I took of them to show you the depth:

If you need a quick art gift for someone, use the contact button on the top of my site to claim one.. I'll get around to officially listing them later. See you soon!

edit: They are all up listed now! Click here to see the collection.

What a great time! #craft #sandiego #mixedmedia

I participated in my first craft/art sale yesterday and had a lot of fun! It was really rewarding to see all of my inventory on the table...and to be able to tell the customers that I made everything. I enjoyed talking to everyone about my workshops and the art on the table..as well as the sales! Truth be told I have not even shopped at many of these sales at all either...so this was really neat.

I whipped up my table banner... "Fine Art Gifts" too... just wanted to show you. :)

I'm going to list the leftover panels here soon... probably in groups of 4. They were so well received...seems like everyone wants to add a collage of art/photos to their home, and these turned out to be the perfect size.

Other than that, I'm almost done converting all of the workshops to "digital"..which means the ordering process will be totally automated. If you buy a workshop in the middle of the night, you can start in the middle of the night...I'll leave the studio lights on for you.

See you soon!

Fun Is Work in Progress.. #mixedmedia #art

I'm on my way... 17 new originals coming for sale at a local Craft Bazaar.. these are still missing their dimensional, gloss coat.. 

I've never sold at a craft bazaar before.. but my friend is fundraising and I thought the cause was worthwhile...so off I go! If you're in San Diego, mark your calendars for December 7th, Noon - 4pm. I'll have signed copies of my book, homemade stationary, original paintings (small and large) all of which make awesome gifts! I'm set up to accept credit cards and everything... legit.

See you soon...back to the easel. 

Attention All Units...

wood panel mixed media art.jpg

All cylinders are firing over here... I've got some progress on my craft bazaar inventory.. 17 panels now prepped, sanded, textured and collaged.. ready for paint!

Mark your calendars... Craft Bazaar is in Lakeside, CA on December 7th.. I'd be happy to see you there! It's an open house with TWENTY-FIVE vendors! One stop shopping..I can't wait! I'll have copies of our book for sale...I can even sign your copy too if you stop by.

Don't forget- we're open for business in the teaching network too! Lots of the mixed media courses make GREAT gifts.. are you making your gifts this year?

Classes with great Gift Ideas:

Mixed Media Variety Hour: Frame-able custom photograph wall art... Idea Books (These are always a HUGE hit when I give them as presents!)

Mixed Media Melange: Custom Vinyl sewn gifts? These look super impressive!

And of course...who wouldn't want an awesome painting made by YOU?? Check out the entire online workshop lineup here. We're open 24/7 with daily instructor support and NO time limits.

The Energy is Where?

SOLD ; Techniques featured in the Layer Love online mixed media workshop. Click here for more info.

SOLD ; Techniques featured in the Layer Love online mixed media workshop. Click here for more info.

About a year and a half ago, I started playing tennis once a week.. I played tennis when I was a child, mostly against my parent's garage door here in San Diego.. but now in my 40's, tennis has become something that I really get excited about. I love it so much that I am playing 5 days a week now.

Prior to being reunited with tennis, all I thought about was painting. I spent every moment dreaming of colors and shapes... when I closed my eyes, I would see tomorrow's new painting.. now I dream of the perfect backhand or serve..

Art suits certain moods.. journaling when I have a lot on my mind, painting when something sparks my imagination.. of course I am surrounded by art every day in the teaching network..but my personal energy to create.. a lot of it is being spent outside on the court. Throughout my creative career, I can look at artwork and remember what was happening during my life at that moment... and that is something that I appreciate about art very much. There has been lot of stuff going on in the last 9-10 years.. all a part of my specific roadmap.

So if I had to put one of the two onto the top rung in the ladder, I would choose tennis at the moment.. but the art is here.. it's a part of me..teaching art is a big part of me also... so it's not going anywhere.. but I wanted to ask you....I know it's easy to read blogs like mine and think that all I am doing is painting...but it's not true.. Is art at the top of your ladder? What do you do when you are not creating? Join the conversation on Facebook. I'd love to hear from you.