My #mixedmedia Collection...

This is the second group of 4x6 panels I made for the craft bazaar last week... I will list the panels that are still available soon.. but the weather is cool and my sewing machine has been calling my name. Seems I work better under pressure... now would probably be a good time to start sewing the Christmas gifts on my list... haha

If you're interested in picking up any of these panels for a gift, they are ORIGINALS and they will cost $45 plus a little for shipping... they are on cradled wood panels, with 1.5" profiles.. here is a little photo I took of them to show you the depth:

If you need a quick art gift for someone, use the contact button on the top of my site to claim one.. I'll get around to officially listing them later. See you soon!

edit: They are all up listed now! Click here to see the collection.

What a great time! #craft #sandiego #mixedmedia

I participated in my first craft/art sale yesterday and had a lot of fun! It was really rewarding to see all of my inventory on the table...and to be able to tell the customers that I made everything. I enjoyed talking to everyone about my workshops and the art on the well as the sales! Truth be told I have not even shopped at many of these sales at all this was really neat.

I whipped up my table banner... "Fine Art Gifts" too... just wanted to show you. :)

I'm going to list the leftover panels here soon... probably in groups of 4. They were so well received...seems like everyone wants to add a collage of art/photos to their home, and these turned out to be the perfect size.

Other than that, I'm almost done converting all of the workshops to "digital"..which means the ordering process will be totally automated. If you buy a workshop in the middle of the night, you can start in the middle of the night...I'll leave the studio lights on for you.

See you soon!

Fun Is Work in Progress.. #mixedmedia #art

I'm on my way... 17 new originals coming for sale at a local Craft Bazaar.. these are still missing their dimensional, gloss coat.. 

I've never sold at a craft bazaar before.. but my friend is fundraising and I thought the cause was off I go! If you're in San Diego, mark your calendars for December 7th, Noon - 4pm. I'll have signed copies of my book, homemade stationary, original paintings (small and large) all of which make awesome gifts! I'm set up to accept credit cards and everything... legit.

See you soon...back to the easel. 

Attention All Units...

wood panel mixed media art.jpg

All cylinders are firing over here... I've got some progress on my craft bazaar inventory.. 17 panels now prepped, sanded, textured and collaged.. ready for paint!

Mark your calendars... Craft Bazaar is in Lakeside, CA on December 7th.. I'd be happy to see you there! It's an open house with TWENTY-FIVE vendors! One stop shopping..I can't wait! I'll have copies of our book for sale...I can even sign your copy too if you stop by.

Don't forget- we're open for business in the teaching network too! Lots of the mixed media courses make GREAT gifts.. are you making your gifts this year?

Classes with great Gift Ideas:

Mixed Media Variety Hour: Frame-able custom photograph wall art... Idea Books (These are always a HUGE hit when I give them as presents!)

Mixed Media Melange: Custom Vinyl sewn gifts? These look super impressive!

And of course...who wouldn't want an awesome painting made by YOU?? Check out the entire online workshop lineup here. We're open 24/7 with daily instructor support and NO time limits.

The Energy is Where?

SOLD ; Techniques featured in the Layer Love online mixed media workshop. Click here for more info.

SOLD ; Techniques featured in the Layer Love online mixed media workshop. Click here for more info.

About a year and a half ago, I started playing tennis once a week.. I played tennis when I was a child, mostly against my parent's garage door here in San Diego.. but now in my 40's, tennis has become something that I really get excited about. I love it so much that I am playing 5 days a week now.

Prior to being reunited with tennis, all I thought about was painting. I spent every moment dreaming of colors and shapes... when I closed my eyes, I would see tomorrow's new painting.. now I dream of the perfect backhand or serve..

Art suits certain moods.. journaling when I have a lot on my mind, painting when something sparks my imagination.. of course I am surrounded by art every day in the teaching network..but my personal energy to create.. a lot of it is being spent outside on the court. Throughout my creative career, I can look at artwork and remember what was happening during my life at that moment... and that is something that I appreciate about art very much. There has been lot of stuff going on in the last 9-10 years.. all a part of my specific roadmap.

So if I had to put one of the two onto the top rung in the ladder, I would choose tennis at the moment.. but the art is here.. it's a part of me..teaching art is a big part of me also... so it's not going anywhere.. but I wanted to ask you....I know it's easy to read blogs like mine and think that all I am doing is painting...but it's not true.. Is art at the top of your ladder? What do you do when you are not creating? Join the conversation on Facebook. I'd love to hear from you.

What a week...

julie prichard abstract art.jpg

I feel like I have not stopped moving all week... there were so many things packed on to my schedule this week.. I. Am. Exhausted.

It's time for me to pick up my paint brushes again. Rather than start with my 24x24's, I grabbed some 8x10's to try and get back into the swing of things. There are three new small paintings that I will put up for sale next week.. a great low price if you want to start your original art collection. Pictured above is one of the paintings.. I'll place it into my sale gallery soon. 

But...look at this!

Fuji X-pro 1 ; F 1.4, 35mm

Fuji X-pro 1 ; F 1.4, 35mm

I feel like I won the gardening lottery! My friend gave me this orchid last year...and without any attention, it threw up some blooms for me to enjoy this week! My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw the plant out in the corner of my garden with this glorious spike. I have terrible luck getting my orchids to re-bloom... love a surprise like this.

Come back and see me again soon.... or stop by and say "hi" on Facebook.

Where did you get that? #mixedmedia #craft #art

"Fragments" 24x24 Mixed media on gallery canvas

"Fragments" 24x24 Mixed media on gallery canvas

Every once in a while, someone will ask me where I got a specific image or paper or text.. and almost always, it is something that I have made for myself. I thought I would take a minute to list some ideas on how you too can make your own embellishments to use in your art. 

Word Probably my favorite tool is the ol' computer. Using any word processing ap, you can type words, copy and paste them into any arrangement and print them using toner. These toner copies make rad image transfer materials that you can use again and again. Want the look of "rub ons" but tired of the scrapbook feel that is available in mass market? Viola.

Copier Grab a piece of printer paper, scribble all over it, copy it. Boom.. more fodder for image transfers. I use more image transfers in my art than collage, so a seemingly invisible application of text onto a painting is very attractive to me.

Photoshop Photo editing software sounds difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Use these apps to reverse images, crop, flip and rotate and layer images OR text. Sister photo storage apps like "Adobe Bridge" offer an easy way to organize and store all of your new files. I have an "art vocabulary" of common words that usually end up in my art. Use different fonts to print and flip the words so that you always have a stash on hand to use.

Stencils Take a day to cover the garage floor with deli wrap and/or papers. Spray paint basic shapes (I like common shapes like letters and numbers because I can fit them into any arrangement) repeatedly, taking a moment every two or three sprays to mono print the stencil onto more paper. Think black too... black paper with white paint makes a statement in your art. For extra credit, use ledger paper under the spray paint too!

Journal page with spray painted and mono-printed stencils on vintage ledger paper.

Journal page with spray painted and mono-printed stencils on vintage ledger paper.

Pencils and Ink No copier or spray paint? Use charcoal pencils to scribble and make marks all over paper that you can use as collage in your art. Spray fixative onto the papers before you use them in your paintings. Make sure the ink you are using is archival.

Hand made papers. Scribble pencil or charcoal and use as collage.

Hand made papers. Scribble pencil or charcoal and use as collage.

A Handsome New Shopping Experience! #mixedmedia

Finally! Friends, I have all of my art for sale in one, neat and organized place! I'll be adding my products and prints soon... feel free to take a look! As always, domestic shipping is included with every order..and International customers can pay actually shipping costs. Original art, full of depth and life.... ready for YOU.

You can see my shop by clicking the "Art Sale" tab above.

Thank you for your support!

One of my Favorites.. #art #abstract #acrylic #mixedmedia

Acrylic on canvas; 24x30" NFS

Acrylic on canvas; 24x30" NFS

I have this painting hanging in my bedroom.. I keep finding myself staring at it, noticing each and every mark, and layers that reach up to the surface from down below. Paintings like this make me really happy...

When the OPEN line of paints from Golden launched, I didn't think I needed anything other than the fluid acrylics I was accustomed to using. Boy was I wrong... I now use about 80% OPEN in all of my work... the rest fluid, mixed in with them. Yes, they require patience and a long dry time... but to me, the results are well worth the wait.. Not one for rushing through painting, I savor every layer and process, most times working around 7 days per piece.

This painting features techniques that I teach along with Chris Cozen in the Layer Love v2.0 online workshop. Get the details for that class and see the samples here.

My Checkered Past #art #mixedmedia

"Checkered Past", Mixed Media on gallery canvas,  30x40"

"Checkered Past", Mixed Media on gallery canvas,  30x40"

Ahh.. the re-work.

Remember the blackish diptych I finished up for my upcoming show? The diptych is no more... One painting did not survive. The sibling is pictured above.. and I have to say...I am much happier with the results.

Don't beat yourself up over your artwork.. if something is bothering you, there is always one of two choices you can make. Destroy the painting.... that's right... get it allll out.. or keep painting.

I was so frustrated with the last set of paintings, I actually put one out to pasture. And you know what? It's O.K. I'm ok too.

Hope you like the new art... we're enjoying each other.

Happy. #mixedmedia #art #blog

Nothing serious. Mixed media 16x20" on illustration board.

Nothing serious. Mixed media 16x20" on illustration board.

I typically paint strong paintings using a very neutral palette. Think tan, white, browns, the know, my usual. This summer, however, I have been reaching over and over for the yellows and golds. Is it the definition of insanity? Repeating something over and over and expecting different results? I ALWAYS have trouble with the yellows.... but why do I always reach for them?

Talking with my friend this morning, she made a good point... she mentioned that she bets we can look at someone's portfolio and a picture of their living room and match them up. Wouldn't you know it? I painted every wall in the house neutral (Sandstone Cove to be exact) and I usually only wear Black, white and navy. I dress and decorate in the same way that I paint! It's true.

Trouble arose yesterday when I had some trouble with fixative on the two paintings pictured below:

Diptych: 2x 30x40 Mixed Media

Diptych: 2x 30x40 Mixed Media

I wanted these paintings to work. What you cannot see in the picture is a bunch of light colored (worn) graffiti. The graffiti was not to be bold...just barely there. Well, the fixative darkened the light pastel I wrote it in and I could not salvage it. So I started over. The diptych shortly became one new, awesome yellow painting (not pictured) plus one green and pink painting that was going south FAST.

Green and Pink???? What the hell happened to me? That painting has since been destroyed... I got the pink and green out of my system.. and understand that how much I want to use those sort of colors sometimes, they are not for me... I'm sticking to what I know.

So what do you think? Happen to you? Let me know on Facebook. I am interested to know what you think. Thanks for stopping in! We are enjoying light rain in San Diego today...a real "howler" in July! Can you believe it?

Feathers #mixedmedia

Feathers, 16x20 Mixedmedia art on Illustration Board

Feathers, 16x20 Mixedmedia art on Illustration Board

Shown above, the progression of a recent mixed media painting I completed. Starting with simple, neutral collage elements and a layer or two of paint, this piece morphed into a new painting I have titled, "Feathers".

A rare, free say this summer while my daughter was away.. we're having so much fun this year with days spent playing tennis and swimming...the best "summer camp" there is.

Thank you for stopping by today. See you soon.

Original Painting for Sale #art #abstract #mixedmedia

Untitled 81; Acrylic on cradled wood panel; 24x18x1.5"

Untitled 81; Acrylic on cradled wood panel; 24x18x1.5"

A rare opportunity to own one of my originals. This handsome, contemplative, abstract will add a soothing feel to your decor. Professional grade (no solvent smell!), archival acrylic paint is ready to hang and serve its purpose- to look beautiful. :)

This painting is featured on page 81 of our best selling book, "Acrylic Solutions".

   SOLD! Thank you!

New Art. Untitled No. 12 of 16 #acrylic #art #mixedmedia #abstract

Acrylic on cavas; 24x30", Gallery Canvas

Acrylic on cavas; 24x30", Gallery Canvas

Your walls are painted dark, your furniture is light with accents of high polished silver. The textures in the room reflect those in this painting... Perfectly neutral, with layers to get lost inside.

So proud of my girl...wrapped up 2nd grade with a perfect report card, perfect attendance, runner-up in the Spelling Bee and she is doing awesome in tennis.... She doesn't like me to post her picture online, but take my word for it....I'm one happy mom. :) Happy summer!

Up Close and Personal..

Close-ups... details often too difficult to post online, shown here for your viewing pleasure. My favorite way to paint is very slowly...over the course of several days per painting... relishing in every layer and applied detail one by one.

I've been painstakingly lifting tacky paint for a long time.... and eager to explore some new mixed media options this summer.

Don't forget our mixed media workshops are always open.. no matter when you sign up..they never expire and we are always happy to help you. Come on over and paint with us this summer!