Why I loathe Pinterest. Will the real Julie Prichard come forward? #pinterest



I was on the internet this morning, and came across some "Julie Prichard" Pinterest accounts. Now, while I know there is more than one human being named, "Julie Prichard" on the planet, I find it really, really in poor taste that two of those boards use my original art as their profile pic.

If they are fishing, robots..whatever... it is really wrong...and Pinterest, people and the government allow it.

For the record, those are not my pins on the two upper right boards... and the upper, second from the left WAS actually my attempts at pinning in the early days of the site. I re-activated my initial board to try and see if the other two were mine... to no avail. Those are in deed not my pins (nor my taste in recipes or decor either.... yuck). My "real" board is now deactivated.

I find Pinterest a pure time-suck. An unproductive waste actually..

If I need to look at something, I use google images....find what I need and that's it.. On rare occasions, I print out my favorites...or a bookmark them here on my desktop.

There is no way to contact anyone at Pinterest. How convenient. 

Communication Breakdown.

The last rose of the season has something to say..

The last rose of the season has something to say..

It's an interesting topic...no?

Blogs are dead.

Facebook is where it's at...

No...google+ is where you want to be......

I found this very interesting article on twitter this morning: (Video Embed)

I study my analytics a lot.. it's really the only thing I've got to look at..and coming from someone that analyzed business statistics for so many years, I feel like I need some concrete information to justify my blog performance... 

My Facebook business page has some stuff I can look at with that regard..and I find myself frequently, yelling inside my head, "What is it that you people want from me?"

I put simple, quick information into Facebook almost every day to connect.. it's fast..fun... but I've been finding, that unless I pay-cash-money, my posts are not populating your brains. So...has Facebook recognized that since I have paid for placement (I run marketing ads once a month or so) in the past, I will always pay for placement?

It doesn't seem fair...and in fact, it seems like censorship... so what's a small business to do?

I like what this guy says about Twitter... and I like google+...but I don't use it as much as I should...

Has Facebook reached it's peak? It seems like there is room for everyone in a feed....just up to the reader to see how long they want to scroll....

What a Native San Diegan Thinks About #Blackfish

My daughter, 3 years ago.

My daughter, 3 years ago.

Growing up in San Diego, CA, I have been to Sea World HUNDREDS of times. I practically grew up there, and when my daughter was born, I signed us all up for passes and we have been visiting the park 2-3 times a month..up until about a month ago, when my passes expired. 

I was waiting for Holiday Vacation to come around so that I can renew the passes, not thinking we would have the time to visit until then. 

I know so much about dolphins, fish and orca's that I could usually answer any question from any tourist while staring through the thick blue glass...watching the magnificent Killer Whales swim in their seemingly large pools... the whales seem well fed, the water was clean..they were safe and sound with medical staff and trainers round the clock should the need arise. The truth is, that I only know what the members of the "Education and Conservation" department at Sea World have told me over the years... not questioning for a second that any of them could be dishonest. These people and their crisp blue uniforms seemed so official.. they were the authority on all things Sea World.

Last night I watched Blackfish on CNN. I am stunned. 

Of course the thought was always in the back of my mind...that these animals probably want to be free...but the children were learning so much about them, right? The water was so clean... they smile, wave and appear happy.. they perform amazing tricks and they are awarded massive piles of fish...what could be so bad about this? 

My heart is so heavy after watching this documentary... my husband too. Understanding certain behaviors of the mammals.. I mean, everyone hears about whales gone bad...but it is true; we were lead to believe by Sea World that all of these incidents were in fact accidents. I believed everything that I was fed.

I have explained the movie to my now 7 year old, and I told her that we cannot go back to Sea World as the park exists now. I explained to her some of the things we watched in the movie and told her the "clean" version of what I saw. Her eyes were wide... she listened to my ever word, and when I was finished with my story about Blackfish, she looked at me and convincingly stated, "Workers at Sea World should ALWAYS tell the truth no matter what." She agreed that we should not go there anymore. 

Support for the film and the whales seems overwhelmingly positive on Twitter. Sea World's stock prices have dropped.. But I know people will still visit the park. I can only hope that maybe more people will see this movie and together we can uncover more of the truth about these animals..... 

Check your local listings...I'm sure you can find Blackfish on CNN to add to your DVR if you are interested.. I have also read on twitter that the DVD will be out soon as well. 

edit: I do not discount the fact that Sea World raises awareness with its programs as well as rescues, rehabilitates and releases countless animals into the wild every year. What bothers me is what seems to be a blatant hiding of the truth about the whales in captivity, how they got there in the first place as well as the conflicting reports surrounding the death of Dawn Brancheau.

Zipper Me Done...

embroidered flip flop.jpg

My sewing machine has an embroidery component, which I didn't think I would get much use out of...think again. I picked up a coin purse software program and made this cute Flip-flop purse at my daughter's request... it happily helps the Barbie colony transport their fashions from location to location now.... 

This one proved much more difficult than my last embroidery project... After 3 attempts, I finally figured out what was going to happen (you know, right side fabric this way, zipper here, inside out there..) and was able to whip this up in about an hour. My head starts working and now I know the basic steps required to insert a zipper.... and viola! 

Must. Buy. More. Zippers.

Must. Buy. More. Zippers.

 "Mom. Can you please make me a pouch for my DS?" Done.

Super fast like.... Look for my new handbag line launching Winter 2014... 

So yesterday, I was not planning to go to the quilt shop (where I buy my fabric).. But I asked my husband to let me run in there super fast to grab something while we were on the way somewhere else... I didn't brush my hair today...I aint going to lie. I run in there with Kate, and while having her look for some Halloween fabric for a quick goodie bag, a woman comes up to me: 

"I know who you are. We have a mutual friend in Michelle Ward." 

Stunned..... my brain starts racing....my hair...jesus....my retainer is in....omg...Kevin is in the car, motor running.... who is this woman?? 

"I'm Edie." 

"What? Are you so-and-so Edie?" 


"From New York??" 

We start screaming with laughter.... 

"What are you doing here??" 

Edie explains that she is in town this weekend....I didn't know that...but more hysterical...she IS IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD...and my fabric shop...AND she had been there TWICE that day with her "party". Talk about a chance meeting! I was really going to grab that fabric tomorrow...but I decided last minute to go today...Isn't that amazing? Turns out she recognized me because she reads my blog...and I knew so much about her because my friend mentioned her frequently... I couldn't believe it. My mouth was stuck open in disbelief for sure... The world is so small... really small... and I was running through that shop and she grabbed me..... so amazing! 

So anyway, I hope you enjoy my sewing escapades... I know it's a departure from painting...but I have not quit painting...just a small break you know..I really enjoy these fabric based projects..and my head is working on ways to incorporate BOTH hobbies...so stay tuned!  

Don't forget to brush your hair today...you never know who you will run in to when you're out. :) 

Over the Weekend... Fall road trip!

san deigo fall julian.jpg

I want to live in a place where that top view is from my kitchen window... where I can craft, paint and bake all day. I want to decorate Christmas trees year round and smell that cinnamon pinecone smell every day..every night light a fire in my wood-burning fire place. You get the picture... I. Like. Fall. San Diego fall, that is.

It's warm enough for shorts (bermuda) and chilly only enough for a light sweater.. in ten minutes I am at the beach or in 30 I can be in the mountains..there isn't that much snow, but the air is crisp. 

We arrived at the San Diego Wild Animal Park in perfect time Saturday morning for it to be too crowded for us locals... I drove right past it and took the scenic route into Julian. First stop- the Julian Mining company where we used rocker boxes to get some minerals (they call them gems) out of salted buckets. (All that late night watching of "Gold Rush" came in handy.) Fired up some Fall arts and crafts, learned embroidery on my new machine.. and decorative corn? I want it year round too... My name is Julie and I love Fall, how about you?

Look Sharp...

wild peacock.jpg

ooh friends...I am having trouble looking as sharp as this guy these days.. because we are sweltering in San Diego. It's not so much the heat as it is the humidity..just. feels. gross. 

I shot this with my X-pro 1 at 223mm... amazing details..this guy was high up on the roof at the zoo the other day. Isn't he gorgeous? um...the sensor on the Fuji cameras I purchased is amazing..these are straight out of the camera colors...so great.

Who is going to be the first one to paint with his palette?? 



It might be me..... 

Annnnddd...Away They Go....

adults braces.jpg

Happy day, Friends! I got my braces off! 

No more brushing and flossing all day long... 

No more weird looks from adults... 

No more weird looks from little, sweet, innocent children at Kate's school.. 

No more, "But your teeth looked great..." 

My teeth DID look great..they look even greater..if not GREATEST now. Here is the story: 

About seven years ago, my teeth started to shift. Didn't you have braces when you were a kid? Yes... I didn't wear my retainers. I was 12 years old. So, during routine exams, my dentist would start to notice that my teeth were not touching when I bit down. Try it... bite down and see where your upper and lower teeth touch. Mine? Almost nowhere. Yep. I couldn't chew food well at all...and the chewing was causing all sorts of pain in my jaw not to mention the possibility of really irregular wear on said chompers.

You can see me acting through the pain the videos for The Mixed Media Variety Hour online workshop, as well as in the Act Natural class promo. The camera-left side of my mouth was turned upward, and I was straining to pronounce every word. Off camera, I was sad and in pain. For a long time..

See....the first orthodontist told me I needed braces 4 years ago. He told me I needed oral surgery and 2-3 years of treatment. I was depressed about the oral surgery portion of the treatment and paying for the consultation for it in the first place (which...by the way...none of this would be covered by my insurance)..I asked for a referral from my favorite ENT doctor. My ENT is the head of all surgery neck and up in my medical group...I think he is a genius...and...coincidentally, he has dental experience.

When I got to the ENT, I explained the problem and he told me, "You want a referral for what?? With who?? You're crazy. Don't do it. Don't ever go for elective surgery." Enough said. 

Last year, the pain in my jaw and face became so intense, I was a disaster. I don't like taking medicine, so I suffered through everything.  Until I googled "holistic" orthodontist and had my consultation with one Dr. C. Hulsey in Rancho Bernardo. Luckily I actually knew three people who went to this orthodontist..things started to look up.

At my consultation with Dr. Hulsey, he told me that he wanted me to wear a splint for 6 months to correct the jaw pain..and then to read THIS BOOK. (I hate reading...but I did it. If reading a book and wearing a splint was going to eliminate surgery in my mouth...I was going to do it. STAT.) After a few months, he told me I would need braces for about a year..and not to get discouraged if it was 12-16 months.. I told him, "A year and you've got a deal."

I went home. Ordered the book immediately. I then read the book and did the exercises for jaw pain daily as directed. I swear...my pain was gone in about 4 days! GONE! If you're in pain, take a look at that book.. After a few weeks, I went back to Hulsey, ready to get fitted for my first splint...and I told him I was cured. 

I have to tell you, that book saved me about 6 months of treatment time NOT TO MENTION the $$$ associated with that portion of the non-insurance-covered treatment! Boom. Done. Braces were ordered. 

My braces were the "Damon" system. In this treatment (now..this is my non-medical lingo...you should consult your orthodontist with any questions about your treatment, of course), there is not a rubber band around each bracket. Remember how the kids get them and they get wild colors? No rubber bands for Julie. This way, the wire moves freely between each bracket resulting in happy teeth...happy teeth move faster I have been told.. and I believe it. My teeth moved FAR to re-align with each other and at the speed of light...

When you have braces as an adult, it's like a secret club. I liked asking everyone else I saw with braces, "How long are you in for?" Most of the patients replied 3 years. Gulp. Most of the patients who replied three years had conventional braces.. mama mia was I happy. 

Do they cost more? Yah....I think treatment to treatment..it was about $600 higher for the Damon system...but the time it saved me? Golden. 

I religiously followed Hulsey's instructions. Never skipped rubber bands (the type that connect the upper to the lower teeth as needed), flossed and brushed all day long..and the result? I got out in exactly 364 days. One day short of my "estimate".

So hurray for dental health...hurray for braces.....and oh..this whole experience has also helped me with my overall health due to diet and exercise..and the stretching! Feels great... yay teeth! 

Thanks for stopping by today.. I'm going to go put in my retainer.


So, what'll it be?

I got a call from a local number I did not immediately recognize last Friday..


"Julie. I have a camera for you."

"I'll be there before closing."


I have been waiting very patiently (well...I may have called a few, four or five times and dropped in hoping for a camera) for a few weeks. (Never fails..as soon as you decide to pull the trigger, what you want sells out nation-wide.) I have not purchased a new camera in a few years and the reviews for the new Fuji x100s had me weak in the knees.. I wanted one.. but a Fuji? Fixed lens? Point and Shoot? A Fuji?? Seriously?

I knew I wanted to replace my Canon G12 with newer technology (I carry one of these cameras with me at all time.. I don't have time to worry about lugging gear unless I am on a job)..but I was really hesitant to step away from my beloved Canon.

I was wrong.

This camera is a DREAM. I have not even read the manual yet..straight out of the box, I don't have one single complaint. (Well..maybe the LCD brightness...but that's adjustable..where is my manual?)

I was worried about it's speed.. I was worried about no zoom... I was worried about it's everything.. I love this camera.. all excellent. The image quality is amazing.. I'm looking for a change.. an adaptation from painting into photography...into design.. and I am pretty sure my new partner is going to be a big help.

What do you think? Pretty pictures, right?

The Draw.

San Jacinto mountains at sunset.

San Jacinto mountains at sunset.

My family and I just returned from a stay in Indian Wells, CA. I've visited there a few times before and I have to say, it is one of my most favorite places to travel to. The art community is alive and thriving in the desert...it's magical. Yes...magical. I can't explain it. You have to go there to see for yourself.

Have I been here before? I mean in another life? Crap photo taken at night..but I couldn't pass up that color.

Have I been here before? I mean in another life? Crap photo taken at night..but I couldn't pass up that color.

Chris and I had a book signing out there last night... and low and behold, when I walked in to see Chris's show (which was fantastic...of course), there is another neighboring show. Christina Lange had a glorious display of photography from none other than the Salton Sea! I've mentioned the Salton Sea before on the blog here...my friends know I am mysteriously mesmerized and attracted to that place... I can't explain the draw.. and as I spoke to Christina at length regarding the attraction mystery, she said that I was not alone...many people she speaks to also have that draw..  so what is it? I don't know.. But it's one of those places that I feel I want to go to every day... It's true. What do you do there? I just stare into the nothingness...and I don't know why. Christina has published a book on the Sea....you can see it here.

Indian Wells Golf Resort

Indian Wells Golf Resort

So the draw.. what is it? Does it happen to you? I get this feeling..the feeling like I have been there before and that I need to be there more in 3 places... The neighborhood where I live (I also grew up here...my parents and childhood home are within walking distance), Manhattan and the desert. I'm curious to know your thoughts...

Spring. Happy.

Outside my window...

Outside my window...

This time last year I was in New York..... this time this year I am wishing I could go back for a visit. If only I could transport myself and eliminate the long plane ride...

Spring Break is coming up soon... I am enjoying my daily lunch break with my dog outside in the garden.. We eat a sandwich, drink Nespresso and play Words With Friends..

I'm filming a new class. That's right!  It will be out next month....I think you're going to like it.

I'm searching...for a new RSS subscription wrangler... Reader is leaving..I'm not going to socialize my RSS.. it bugs me so much. Everyone thinks everything you do needs to be broadcast somewhere. It's disgusting if you think about it.. I'm not joining Google+ or whatever they are trying to get us to convert to.. I left Linkedin months ago....but people still want to "connect" with me there. Heads up- I'm not there.

The book is doing so well....so grateful. it will be traveling to you soon if you already ordered a copy! They bumped up the shipping date! See you soon....hope you're enjoying the signs of Spring.

Yes. Sound City.

"Fragments"; 24x24" Mixed Media on stretched canvas. 

"Fragments"; 24x24" Mixed Media on stretched canvas. 

A couple of things to report from San Diego, CA...

First- stay tuned, I am beginning to post new art that I created for our book which is shipping soon! Hooray, Book! Click here to pre-order your copy. And thank you to everyone who has already ordered...it's a huge thrill to see the book hovering around  #1 and it isn't even released yet!

And now.....Sound City. Don't think this doesn't apply to you.. I am going to go out on a limb and say that since you are reading this blog, you're probably creative...and an artist..maybe even a photographer too... Oh yah? That's why I am going to mention this documentary.

I've said this before and it still rings true today. Dave Grohl's feelings about musicians and how he feels that they need to be able to read music and know their instruments inside and out....well....I feel that way too. 

Technology allows us to pretty much make a lot out of nothing...and pretty much, making a lot out of nothing to me means you are creating a whole lot of nothing. Make sense? 

See all those hip, cool, (cliche) photographs that look like they were taken in 1974..they all look the same...and know those consumers who pop over to the membership store, plop down X$ on a fancy-ish camera and then head home only to download free photoshop actions and call themselves photographers? They're booking clients... making money.. and I think ripping people off.

Why? Julie, don't be such a bitch... It's true. They don't know how to shoot outside of auto mode, they know nothing about the actions they are running...and god help them if they could run the same procedure manually in photoshop.. they see pictures on pinterest and pin them (don't get me started) and head outside to capture the same look that someone else created. Where is the creativity? Where is the TALENT in that?

It's fine for some people. Hear that? I said, it's FINE for some people. But I am not some people. I have drive..curiosity..and the urge to be BETTER every day.. So..that's what I am trying to say...if you want to be inspired....if you want to marvel in someone else's creativity...go watch the documentary. If you like music too..then that's a bonus.

Me? I'm cleaning my music library... APPRECIATING those artists who are unique...TALENTED and NOT putting junk into the mic and getting junk out.... the same way I want to shoot and paint as well. (That's shoot photos....not bullets... in case you were wondering.)

Sound City

How many times did Tom Petty say they played "Refugee" before they were happy with it?

How do you make art that comes from the soul?

What's your "click track"?

Does your art represent some sort of integrity or truth?

"Play arrangements over and over in a similar fashion....."

Vintage Picnic.

"Vintage Picnic" Acrylic and Graphite; 12x12" canvas

"Vintage Picnic" Acrylic and Graphite; 12x12" canvas

I'm on day 4 of a 7 day self-imposed juice fast.. The juice I have been making is delicious..combinations of carrot, strawberries, kiwi, apples, cucumber, ginger.. my family and I have been sucking them down. The juice, surprisingly, is very filling. Even though I have been embracing this new "lifestyle" since late August, I have not been juicing. The smoothies I make every morning are usually: Avocado, cucumber, ginger, bell pepper, cilantro, lemon and kale..a lot of kale. It's a thick shake that my friend affectionately calls, "my gazpacho"...also delicious. So, technically, I am not juicing exclusively I guess...there is that morning gazpacho. Either way, I'm feeling great. What's weird is that I am getting a lot of compliments on my "makeup"...which has not changed...I can only guess people are noticing my vegetable glow.

This is a new painting...it's cold and windy here...and I am looking forward to spring. A lot. What's up where you live?

Miss Manners, What?

A very small painting I sent to my friend for Christmas.

A very small painting I sent to my friend for Christmas.

I deleted everyone except my family members off of my personal facebook account. I've been looking for a way to leave facebook for a long time. The problem is that I can't maintain my business page (the page most of you know) without owning a page for myself. Delete myself, and then the business goes with it. There is no way around it..well...with much searching there was but it wasn't the right choice for me. So, I trimmed away about 170 "friends".

Which gets me to wondering... how in the hell did I get 170 friends in the first place? I've never had that many "friends" in person. So then I think, "why feel compelled to share information with people other than my friends" in the first place? As I sat deleting all of the "friends", I was thinking if that "friend" could get in touch with me if there was an emergency. Right. Emergency. I am not sure what emergency someone who I have not spoken to since 8th grade could possibly have to share with me..but the answer was "yes". I didn't let that feeling of doubt stop me. Delete. Delete. Delete.

Facebook started to rub me the wrong way a long time ago.

So and so checked in here.

So and so ate this.

So and so bought this.

So and so went here.

So and so is friends with so and so.

So and so's kid looks cute.

So what.

The news has been reporting some pretty concerning facts about social media these days.. It's gross.

So I did it.

So a lot of you are probably thinking that you are maintaining your account, but will only limit yourself to the time you spend there each day. (Because the news says it's unhealthy, right?) And the rest of you say it doesn't bother you.. and then some of you probably think that things are so hectic in this day and age, that you need to share photos with your family and social media is the easiest way to do that. I say....well.. (Did you see that in the Manti dead girlfriend hoax, his buddy stole photos off one of his friends facebook pages to create the fake girl? Until facebook can lock those bad boys down.. I think everyone should be nervous.)

Who cares what I say.

I'm going back to using the telephone. Living. How about taking into consideration that so and so who is having a run of bad luck shouldn't have some luxury restaurant or 5-star vacation rubbed into their face? Or wait...every friend of yours is living the good life..

I pick the old way..

...and maybe some letter writing.

Hey- we can talk about art here. Do you like the last painting I posted? How about this one?

So about manners. People are talking about the old way of blogs. I've come to understand that I can't expect you to comment here. There are a gazillion blogs. Why should mine rate a comment? Sure.. good point..

But someone with manners might want to let someone know they are here.. it will help me think about the universe in a more positive light. Seems to me that people are just hanging around looking for things to "pin".. looking around to ask questions about how to paint a gold fish.. because... do they think that since I have a business and a website that I am obligated to give that information to everyone?

When I get those emails, I think to myself, "Who is this person? Where did they come from? They say (they always say) they are a long time reader...but they've never left a comment." I'm having deja vu... have I mentioned this on here before? I think so. But things have not changed.

So this is what I have for you today. I hesitate to write any of it.. and I don't expect anything different to happen here after this post. BUT I do know this... I'll keep blogging, and I will keep talking about art because there are a lot of exciting things up my sleeve in the art department... and I like talking about art... so next time, let's do just that. See you then!

(Oh yah....I can't email you a response to your comment if you care to leave one here...but I will respond in the comments, so check back if you want to.)

Settle The Score

All work and no play makes Julie a dull girl...
All work and no play makes Julie a dull girl...

Friday I started this painting. I've had this 24x36" canvas hanging around and for a long time I couldn't think of anything to paint on it. Forget sketchbooks...plans...you know.. I make this stuff up as I go. I get an idea and let it percolate in my brain for a day, week, month and then I paint. No test painting...who has time for that? I'd rather torture myself.

So I started painting. It was a beautiful day, low 70's, sunny....fantastic.

Windows open.

Birds chirping.

Nespresso in hand...

And man....did this ever turn out to be a boring painting. With circles even.

Painting progression. Clockwise from left: Block in the initial idea.. tune the idea...draw in something I will hate in a few minutes....test on wall....test in potential hanging space....repeat. (Not pictured) toss and turn...lose sleep....imagine what is wrong....think of solution....change idea....complete.

Painting progression. Clockwise from left: Block in the initial idea.. tune the idea...draw in something I will hate in a few minutes....test on wall....test in potential hanging space....repeat. (Not pictured) toss and turn...lose sleep....imagine what is wrong....think of solution....change idea....complete.

I hate curves...

Angles. Squares. That's my M.O.

Someone pissed me off.. big argument...and then THAT'S when things started to get interesting with said artwork:

The Score 24x36", stretched canvas. 2013

The Score 24x36", stretched canvas. 2013

So I guess it's true what they say about passion in artwork..

Get some.

My Seat's Been Taken By Some Sunglasses...

8x10 Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas.

8x10 Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas.

I just had my teeth tightened.....here is some rambling:

Jodie Foster made me think a little the other night during the Golden Globes. I like her.. I think she is a good actress and I like something else about her: She is mysterious.

Jodie isn't at the Ivy having lunch...she's not caught up in publicized love triangles...she's not falling down drunk on TMZ. Sure, her speech was a little random, but I chalk that up to nerves.

I like how she hinted about privacy. I've been thinking about privacy a lot.

We blog to connect.

We facebook to connect.

I'm still trying to figure out why we instgram...

We harbor "friend" counts and connect with everyone.

I know more about people these days then I cared to know even back in the day when we were friends.

And what for?

I believe in the argument that if you are an artist it is important to have a blog and internet presence..especially for me...running an internet business. But when did having to share my every move and family life cross into that need? To me, it is the art that is important.

I stopped posting on my personal facebook page...

And if you "know" me, I'd like to speak to you on the telephone instead...

The truth is, that if you think you know me, you don't...although I have always portrayed myself in a true and honest manner, online and off..

But I'd like to retain my air of mystery.

You don't need to know where I am and what I am doing... I'm me.

I'll be here.. digging in to 2013.. I'm not giving up blogging. But another interesting point to consider is that I think the internet is doing more harm than good these days.. How much exposure is over exposure? Isn't everything starting to look the same?? 

Rock on...

Good read: We are raising a generation of deluded narcissists.....

Back to business.....Monkey Business of Course.

week one montage.jpg

My daughter is back in school after a two week break.. that means I am getting back to work too. I am going to paint this week.... that is after I make sure all of the birthday party details are set for Friday. She's going to be 7! Can you believe it? That means I am entering into my 7th year of being a working artist. Happy anniversary to me.

( iPhone photos starting left: Kevin happy to see a Seahawks win yesterday, while I was happy to see some football again since I renounced my Chargership late last year. Now that Norv's tenure has ended, I will happily cheer for my team again in the fall. Who knew learning could be so fun? Kate playing "Words with Friends"...and all you guys thought you were playing me... ha. Pink sunset after some rain on Sunday. Gorg!)

Last year I completed a 365 photo project. After about 6 months, it turned out to be such a drag for me to know that I had to post a photo every day. Whereas the first few months of photos were creative and cool, I quickly lost steam and felt bored. No daily project for me this year.. just some photos every week here for you to see. I feel like a huge load was lifted off my shoulders on 12/31.

The book should be here. Any. Day. I can't stand it.....

Remember last February?

Man....that seems like eons ago. Last February, on 02.22.12 to be exact, I dug out my graphics tablet and proclaimed that I was going to be incorporating that medium into my artwork. That didn't happen.
stick around.jpg

From the days leading up until 02.22.12, til now, the thought of the tablet has been stuck in my brain. Bad. It is my signal. Someone is trying to tell me something...maybe the thing that I have felt has been missing this year was that tablet indeed.. So then comes the hours of self discussion leading up to this moment....well, "what the hell are you going to do with that tablet?"

I think I am weird... luckily, I have a support staff of AWESOME artists in place that are still taking my calls. Through all of the self-imposed psycho babble....the fits, tantrums and cursing, they are still taking my calls. I'm freaking lucky.

It's important to be able to talk to like minded (wait...did I just imply my friends are insane too?) people about art. Because those conversations, no matter how trivial.....spark imagination. They spark growth.

Growth hurts (so do my teeth..but that's another story).  But today is the turning point. I will torture myself to learn new mediums, I will curse some more...and figure things out...and put something together. My M.O. is to figure things out. That is what I am here to do.. so once I figure these things out, the process starts over for me.. but the discovery portion is what I live for. One time when I was a punk-assed kid selling jewelry at a department store, a wise-assed customer asked me a question, "How many facets on a round brilliant diamond?" I didn't know. They didn't tell us. I was 16. You know what happened next? I put myself through 4 years of gemological study. Ask me now, jackwagon....

Crimany....did you read all this?

See you soon...

Gifts From An Artist

I was at a craft fair a week or so ago and most of the items were being re-sold. That is, items purchased in China or some other far away land, and then called "crafts" and then re-sold at the church bazaar. I saw charms like these...with perfectly applied solder...that took 2-4 weeks to order...and cost $48 each. $48? That's when I went into "I can make THAT" mode.

Mixed Media Art Charms.jpg
I didn't do any black Friday shopping... on small business Saturday (TODAY) I am going to cruise ETSY and buy a couple of things from artisans who are also competing against big box stores...and that's it. Think of the little guy..
Click here to visit my ETSY shop if you like.

Click here to visit my ETSY shop if you like.

I'm proud of these. Proud that I spent a log time accumulating all of that art... proud of the imperfect solder...and proud I can offer them to you for $19. Thank you for your visit!

PS- did you see the Art Gallery Tour yesterday? LOTS of beautiful art from the online workshop, Act Natural!