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My newsletter is going to be delivered to inboxes everywhere on Monday.. in that newsletter will be a special link so that you can enter to win a $40 Dick Blick gift certificate. For free. For real... I hope you're signed up to receive the newsletter! Last week I emailed Felisa $30 to and all she had to do was subscribe... will you be next? Click here to sign up.

The New Online Workshop Series is OPEN!

Yesterday, Seth Apter of The Altered Page gave me a review of the new online program that I just opened! You can read his review by clicking here. (edit: fixed the link.) (Seth Apter was not compensated for the review.)

The Julie Prichard Mixed Media Variety Hour With Your Host Julie Prichard  is up and running...I hope you can join us! Please click here for the exciting details.

(Class is on SALE through 7/7)

Get Inspired by THIS JPVLOG

Back by unpopular demand, a video blog from Your Truly:

Filmed Monday, May 8, 2012

Thank you to the 356 visitors who entered to win the stencil giveaway! This morning, the random generator picked Kathy R in MI to win the package. Hooray Kathy! Here's what Kathy had to say about the giveaway:

Thanks to you and cw both for the opportunity!...would love to win! I am just beginning mixed media painting and would use the stencils as a tool for backgrounds, raised elements taught in your textures class....hope to take another class very soon!

Thanks for visiting. See you soon!



Stencil Giveway!

16x12; mixed media on paper

I have been out of practice for using stencils in my artwork, but when The Crafters Workshop came calling, I said, why yes! I would love to try out some of your stencils!

How to incorporate stencils into my abstract art is a little challenging to me. I don't want them to look deliberate..or I take extra care to spray or paint through them haphazardly. I also don't want them to look like someone else's art..I take bits and pieces of the stencil and lay them throughout the art and I think I overcome those challenges pretty well.

Gracious Jaime over at The Crafter's Workshop sent me a bunch of stencils...that I want to share with you! Leave me a comment and list one of the ways you will use the stencils if you win the drawing. I will pick one winner on May 9th (international entries welcome!!) for a package of 7 brand new 12x12" stencil templates. (One entry per person; entry must be a comment on this post; must leave a valid email address so I don't have to go on a hunt to find you.)

Good luck...tell your friends to stop by too! Thank you for reading my blog. Stop by Friday to see some more stencil art.

Hey baby. Sweepstakes Winner.

Here is a beautiful baby for the Labor day holiday.. Don't forget to book your sessions for holiday photos ASAP. My available spots are filling up fast. We're shooting studio sessions only this season in Del Cerro. Bring your kids, bring your dog. Your choice of backdrop and you're all set. Re-touching included! Click here for pricing.

The Summer of Prize Giveaways has ended. Congratulations to Holly Dean who was the winner of the last $25 Amazon Gift Card! Yay Holly! Thank you all for participating and spreading the word about the sweepstakes. Chris and I appreciate you very much.

Happy Labor Day!

New. Life. Sweepstakes.

This is my second case for my iPhone. I custom designed the first case using designs from artist Anthony Yankovic and I get compliments on it a lot. The customer service and product delivered by Case-mate is so great, I recently uploaded some of my own art and bought a second case. After all...every time you take a picture, you want the subjects to look at something cool, right? You can see their printer is slightly off in color..but I am thrilled with the image quality on the case I made.

I hit the jackpot on a ticket machine inside an arcade last weekend...walked up to the prize booth proudly with a few hundred tickets...and all she wanted was several army parachute guys to throw around. School starts next Monday..we're excited.

So Chris and I have given away prizes all summer. Thank you to everyone who has helped us spread the word about my website and giveaways. Here's one more chance to win- leave your name on this post and one winner will be drawn to receive a $25 Amazon gift certificate. Outside the US? No problem...if you win, tell me which Amazon you want your gift from and I will send you the $25 USD equivalent. Enter through 9/3/11 and I will announce the winner on 9/5/11. One entry per person please and we appreciate you telling your friends. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. (Please make sure to type in a valid email address so I can reach you!) Contest Closed.

Enjoy summer... San Diego is hinting at fall already.

Art. Rage. None. Winner.

Paint or Pixels? Chris flashed her tablet computer around the last time she was here and introduced me to a program called, "ArtRage". Apparently the desktop version of the program is about $90. The iPad version? A cool $4.99 (on sale NOW). I bought an iPad (for educational purposes -cough cough) the other day and promptly put down my $4.99.

Of course I have not read any of the manual for the app. I just dove right in. I can't stop making paintings! Here are the first three. The program mimics real live's really cool. I have no idea how they do it...but the detail is amazing..don't they look like real paintings?

If you're the iPad toting type(or any tablet for that matter)..I say go for it. Put the laundry in and hit the grocery store'll be busy for the next several hours.

Sorry I am late a couple of days on announcing the latest give-away winner. Congratulations to Elizabeth C. Elizabeth won the collection of Golden Paint and the poster. One more giveaway this summer. Tune in Wednesday to find out what it is...and don't forget to tell your friends!

(All digital. All with my pointer finger.)

Monday. Giveaway. Paint. Art.

 Win this Golden product, an original painting and a huge tint/glaze poster!

Happy Monday for those of you who celebrate we have another giveaway! If you have not heard already, Chris and I are giving away our marketing budget this summer, and passing those funds on to you in one way or the other!

We are rocking and rolling in the new Layer Love v2.0 online workshop already..this time we are learning how to create delicious layers using Golden's OPEN's amazing! One person will win: 3 new 2oz tubes of Golden OPEN paint (Hansa Yellow Medium, Quinacridone Magenta, Manganese Blue Hue-these are PERFECT mixing shades), 1oz jars each of Interference Blue, Interference Green and Iridescent Peal (yum), 1/2oz bottles of Cobalt Teal and Micaceous Iron Oxide, a beautiful HUGE Tint and Glaze Poster, AND the original 11x14" painting shown at left (you can see it full sized in the previous blog post). What a great package!

I'll mail this package off to one lucky winner. International entrants welcome! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post to enter. For fun, tell me something creative you are working on these days. Enter your correct email address into the field when prompted so I can contact you if you win. Enter through 08/17. One winner will be chosen and announced here on 08/19/11. One entry per person, please.

Layer Love is on sale now through 08/14. Since we're giving away our marketing budget, it would be nice if you would help us spread the word about our giveaway. We appreciate it!

Good luck!

Julie Against the Machine + Giveaway

art journal page; multi media- wax, acrylic, pencil, machine stitch, collage

I think the machine is myself. The work work work work work work work some more and then a little more until you absolutely can't work any more or have a break-down gene is present in my chemical make up. People ask if I sleep....the answer is yes. I do. A lot, actually... I don't know. I guess if I have something I want to do, I just do it. And lately, it's working on journal pages.

Congratulations to CHRISTINE who won the last drawing for a $25 Dick Blick gift certificate. Enjoy, Christine! Thank you all for stopping by my blog.

How about another giveaway? Foster your creativity with a new book or two. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what book you would buy if you won a $30 gift certificate to (You absolutely have to enter your correct email address into the field when you leave a comment. Otherwise I will send the money to the wrong person and that would suck for you.) Enter through August 3rd. One winner will be drawn and announced here on the blog on August 5th. One comment per person please....and please tell your friends! Chris and I are giving away our marketing budget all summer long.

New classes coming fact...right around the time we announce that winner....hope to see you back here again soon.

I have style...and a giveaway.

"Oil Slick" 2011; Acrylic on canvas, for sale here.

Thanks to my friend Seth for mentioning me in the latest "Style File" during the 4th of July "The Pulse" extravaganza. Every time I hear the word "style"..I am reminded of a funny story that I will attempt to relay here in writing:

Once upon a time, while working in said very fancy luxury goods store, I met a very uptight..sometimes shouting..demanding client we will call "Mr. Gruff." Mr. Gruff yelled and cussed out every sales professional that could not meet his high demands, which was why I inherited him. I could take him....but, I confess, I was a little nervous that I too may one day meet his wrath.

My relationship with Mr. Gruff was great. We met annually for large orders for his bunsiness associates. I kept his clients on file, knew their addresses, knew their past gifts, etc. Mr. Gruff had earned himself a large file in my office. When the employees would tell me that Mr. Gruff was here....I would happily say, "bring him on". They all thought I was crazy.

One year Mr. Gruff needed a fancy gift for his wife. He complained about the fancy gifts I presented to him and mentioned a specific watch he would like instead. We talked about the watch and tried to figure out how we would get him one on time. There was not a watch for him to see in the store at that time, but I owned the watch. I was wearing the watch. When Mr. Gruff paused, I said: "Mr. Gruff. I have that watch."

Step back a moment... Mr. Gruff was such a hot topic because of the employees he had burned through that any time he came into the store, the back house employees would stand at the ready and wait to see what he needed. STAT. They watched his every move on the security cameras. They watched me..and they waited to see if I could handle him again...

When I showed him my watch, Mr. Gruff jumped to his feet. He pointed at me and screamed, "YOU! YOU ARE A WOMAN OF STYLE!" I have to admit..I was nervous when he jumped up...but that moment was one of the most hysterical moments in my career. The back house employees were concerned..they could not hear what happened and they waited eagerly for me to report what had happened when I went into the back. They thought he was screaming at me..when in fact we were now life long friends. Haha..

I still think about Mr. Gruff during the holidays and I wonder where he is shopping and who he is chewing up..and I smile because I know I was one of the only people ever to be able to wrangle Mr. Gruff. I take the opportunity to remind my old colleagues that I am a "woman of style" too..

I sit here with dried frosting on the back of my hand, in an old tank top and flip flops, no's time to get some style. I'll give you some art style..

Leave a comment here on this post; mention what style means to you...and you will be entered to win a $25 Dick Blick Gift Certificate! Chris and I are giving away our marketing budget this summer. One entry per person and please- what style means to you...AND your email address in the comment field. Enter through 7/15, winner announced 7/18. Good luck!

And The Art Goes To...

Debbie Joplin! Debbie- you won TWO original paintings! I hope you enjoy your new paintings, I am excited to ship them off to you!

I'm speaking at the DigiGirlz Microsoft convention this week... Art + Technology is my topic..and it needs to be hands on. So instead of blah blah-ing about blogging and online teaching, I'll be teaching the girls a little photoshop collage making. I can't wait!

Happy Independence Day to you! I'll see you next week. I think we will wait for everyone to get home from their about another Dick Blick gift certificate giveaway on Wednesday? Check back with me then to enter.


Paint Party Friday- Art Journal Joy

Hi Paint Party Friday Friday Friends! I spent this week getting reacquainted with my art journal. It has been so long since I worked in a book. It felt comfortable, easy..and when I thought the words had escaped me, I was happy to know they came write (pun intended) back to me.

multi-media; 8x6"

I think that the lure of art journaling for me relies heavily on the format. I point blame on my slump not only for my family emergencies last few months but also for the barrage of oddly shaped journals that didn't suit my taste as much as the books I make. My journal seems to be like a pair of shoes in that regard..I need the perfect fit. I am happy to find a shoe that fits.

Thank you for tuning in today...take a look around. I'm happy to report that I have a lot going on creatively these days.

PS- New sweepstakes and last sweepstakes winner coming tomorrow. Please check back then.

*Giveaway Time* Win Original Art!

You can have these two ORIGINAL paintings hanging in your studio year round! Chris and I are giving away two original paintings for this week's giveaway. These 11x14" (each) stretched canvas collage pieces were created as samples in our Pixels and Paint online workshop (link). The popular workshop teaches students how to incorporate their own photography (use your iphone or your point and shoot camera!) into unique pieces of art. Using layers and texture, the art work comes together for a beautiful presentation!

Sure..I could slap these paintings into my fact I have had offers to sell them before..but since this is our summer of giving, we want you to win them!

Rules: Leave one comment on this post to enter. Please only leave a comment here if you can hang these paintings in your home or office. You must leave your correct email address in the email field when you leave a comment (do not type your address into the text of your comment..that's how you get spam). I will draw one random winner on July 1. Be sure to check back if you win! Entries will be accepted through June 30th.

I assure will love these paintings in person! They are textural and high gloss. International comments welcome!

Happy Friday *Giveaway Winner*

Congratulations to Eva who was the winner of the $25 Dick Blick Gift Certificate! Eva, I emailed you the gift certificate this morning. I hope you enjoy some new art supplies this summer.

Next up! Stop by on Monday...we'll have another giveaway for everyone!

Happy weekend.



Warm, Soft, Change.

Don't forget- YOU can win $25 to Dick Blick! Click here and leave a comment on this post to enter. No purchase necessary.

No matter if you were in support of or in disagreement of my post last week about online theft, you should certainly be associated with this: Click here to learn about our movement, "Artists for Respect"'s not a marketing gimmick, ploy or any data gathering's a movement for GOOD. Is the button on your blog yet? Did you LIKE us on facebook?

All online workshops are OPEN all summer here to take a look at our offerings...we are standing by and ready to talk art lessons with YOU.

I'm eyes are killing me... here is a transcript of what happened at my eye appointment last Wednesday.

Doc: Cover your right eye and read the chart please.

Julie: F C D E F, O P B Q problem,

Doc: Click. Click....Now cover your left eye and read the chart.

Julie: Oh..this aint no good...

Nothing. I couldn't even strain to make out the letters. They were very fuzzy grey shadow blobs. Doc says I have a bunch of things that I can't pronounce... (First time at the eye doctor except when I begged for glasses to look cool in highschool..) and that some fancy progressive lenses will correct the situation and I will be good as new. She built those sample glasses and I put them on and WOW..I really was having trouble seeing.

So I have not been reading..TV has been bothering me...Photoshop is killing me...I was even feeling the burn while painting. I'm going to lay low for a few days on the blog until my new soothing glasses arrive..and I'll be back to blogging and reading your blogs as soon as that comfort arrives.

Thank god for that little beep my camera gives me when I am in focus...

SEE you soon my go enter to win that gift certificate!

I Will Survive. *Giveaway Day!*

Happy Paint Party Friday! Here is an 11x14" acrylic I finished up this week. I'm a fan of carving little hidden messages into my artwork...are you?

It's a whirlwind meeting so many new people via Paint Party Friday..I love looking through all of the paintings every Friday's easy to join. You should check it out!

Congratulations to Melisa! I think Melisa came in through Paint Party Friday...and it's a good thing she did because she won my $30 Dick Blick gift certificate! Melisa- enjoy..I emailed that bad boy to you yesterday.

Who else wants to win? Leave me a comment here and on June 17th I'll draw one more winner for a $25 Dick Blick Electronic Gift Certificate! Here's the details: One entry per person...and you have to input your email address into the field when prompted. No email will I find you if you win? Type carefully. :)

Happy weekend to all! xo

PS- I am not affiliated with Dick Blick. I just shop there. Chris Cozen and I are giving away our marketing money this summer! Every 2 weeks, stop by for a chance to win a great prize.

and more....Don't forget our workshops! We have a great selection to choose from...and they are open all summer time limits! Check it out here.

The Feather.

11x14" Stretched Canvas; Mixed Media

Happy Paint Party Friday! My journey into mark making continues with this piece entitled, "Feather". I hope you like it.

There is still time to enter our giveaway for a $30 Dick Blick Gift Certificate! All you have to do it leave a comment on this post HERE. (Comments left on this post are nice, but they don't count for the giveaway.) Oh..and be sure to stop back by- we're giving away stuff all summer long!


It's Paint Party Friday and the first of our summer long giveaways!

Hi everyone! It's been a whirlwind of a week... First and foremost, Kelly turned me on to a new-ish blog called "Paint Party Friday" (HOLLA)...and I love it. Every Friday you can link to something that you have painted the previous week...PLUS you get to cruise bloglandia and meet other painters too. How's like an online art opening. I'm in! Please pass the cheese.. I can't wait to blog hop this weekend and see the other paintings!

I'm working with Golden OPEN paints these days...the OPEN paints are allowing me a lot heavier drag than the fluid acrylics and I am diggin what I can do with those. The painting pictured above is 18x24" and hanging in the living room.

So remember what I mentioned last week? It's time! We're not paying our normal marketing channels at this honor of our sale of over 2000 classes, we are giving the marketing money to YOU! Everyone who leaves a comment on this post now through June 1 will  be automatically entered to win a $30 electronic gift certificate to Dick Blick! (Yes..they ship, I am sorry I cannot control the price of shipping internationally..but $30 is better than no dollars, right?) So leave me a comment, be sure to enter your email address into the comment field and I'll pick one winner on June 2nd. June 3rd I will announce the first winner and be back to put up another giveaway! One giveaway every 2 weeks...all summer long! Hooray!

(One entry per person.)

Thank you so much for stopping in...I look forward to hearing from you!


Free Online Classes for Life...but there is MORE!

11x14" mixed media on canvas: "Untitled Red"

Thank you for your birthday wishes! I had a relaxing day with...drumroll...EIGHT hours of uninterrupted studio time. I am finally feeling like I am getting back into the swing of things.. working with new paint (Golden OPEN acrylics); getting used to their drag and pull...I like them a lot!

I had a video ready to show where where I picked the sweepstakes winner on live webcam..but I can't get the audio synced with the video and that bugs me so much! Everyone who re-posted my sweepstakes video on their blog was pooled together, and 10 names were drawn from that pool...those names were added to the pool of 113 people who purchased classes during the 30 day contest period for a total of 123 entrants. The entrants were then numbered 1-123 and I used random org to pull one lucky winner...the sweepstakes winner is JOYCE McDONALD of Quebec! I will be in contact with Joyce and she will get free access to every class I have ever all of the classes we make from now until eternity. Congratulations, Joyce and thank you so much to everyone who helped spread the word about the contest!

We've been running a lot of advertising for the network and we are taking a break from that. Starting next Friday, we will have a giveaway every other Friday through the summer! That's right..we'll be using the advertising budget to buy you prizes for reading the blog instead! So please subscribe to my feed...tell your friends...there will be so many prizes to give away....and that is for everyone! International Readers too!

All workshop classes are open! Click here to find one that you like today.