Yah..I went to Comic-con..

I had the opportunity to tag a long with my friend who is in the industry to Comic-con yesterday. I'm a third generation San Diegan, and I have never been..so in an effort to bring myself out of my humidity induced, summer-time art funk, I went along for the ride.

The people who are waiting on line at Comic-con are very upset about waiting in line.. I on the other hand, did not wait on line for anything and just cruised the convention floor.. everyone was very polite and I found the atmosphere very hospitable. It was a fun day people watching and looking at all of the artwork. I picked up a few zines and a stuffed, "Mr. Toast" (I will admit that toast is one of my favorite foods...so what could be so bad about that?) for Kate..

There are a lot of things that you cannot "un-see" that you see at Comic-con....I will spare you those photos.

Have a good week!

I'm a zombie. Want a giveaway?

The last week or so has taken a toll on ol' Julie. I am beat. Exhausted and running everywhere like a chicken with its head cut off. (Yah..I  had to go there.) The new workshop experience is almost finished. We are editing and editing...writing and writing...filming some more and editing. It aint easy. I've seen some of the end result footage that my producer and I are working on and I have to say...it will blow your mind. I feel pretty confident that I am raising the bar for online workshops..I can't wait to show it to you.

Both images shot in downtown, San Diego

I am going to run giveaways this summer on my facebook page as well as via my newsletter. I sure hope you are signed up for both! One newsletter per month is what I will send you...filled with photos, news and happenings et all.

I'll come up for air soon.....and the new workshop experience will be here....and I hope to see you then!



Life. Work. Fun.

My creativity is all over the place. Last week I was shooting senior portraits, making plans for a graduation balloon arch, filming course material, consulting on a film project and helping clients understand their DSLR cameras. There is a lot on my plate, but I don't know any other plate I'd rather have in front of me.

I struggle with labeling my creativity...am I an artist? A photographer? Truth is I don't care anymore. I'm happy. Call me what you want...living the dream.. haha Oh..I almost forgot the bee hive in the back yard the other day....indeed. Good times.

My daughter is graduating from Kindergarten. I am so proud... I shot all of the kindergarten class yesterday for graduation photos we are presenting to the parents..the kids were thrilled to put on the "college gown"..which is what a lot of them called the cap and gown. Their eyes totally lit up.. (I've been capturing events since PK with this group..I make a DVD for the parents every year and it has become quite the production).. the images came out great and I feel awesome to have "photographer" on my resume these days.

What's keeping you busy?



Teach Art to Your Children v 2.9

Grab your kids. Grab your camera.

Today we picked up the DSLR and a copy of Vogue and headed to the living room. The change of scenery was good to stimulate the children's creativity. I had them look through the advertisements in the front of the magazine and spoke to them about the model poses and especially the light. We talked about where the light was hitting, whether it was diffused or harsh and why the photographers light this way.

Next, I had one child play the model and the other play the photographer. Positioning the children and teaching them how to work the camera's focus, they took turns moving our light closer and away from the model to mimic the vogue ads. We were shooting tethered to the laptop and the girls were very interested to see their shots as they came up. They were surprisingly good at this! The photos above are cropped by me...but straight out of the camera otherwise.

You don't need a fancy camera or studio lights for this lesson. Take your point and shoot or iPhone and talk to the children about composition. What do they see..look for everything in the viewfinder. Have them study pictures of you (or another sibling) taken in harsh sun and in the shade. Stand them next to a white or light colored building that the sun is shining on and have them watch how the building reflects light onto their faces..a natural reflector. Have fun with this and print them out some images to show their friends when they are done!

I am always happy to hear that people are following these lessons and sitting down with their children for some creative time. My daughter loves this every week.. if you have any stories to share about your time with children, drop me a line.

Drive. Snow. Desert. Drive. Pie.

We are lucky to live within a short drive to a quaint mountain town, the snow and the desert. The road to the mountain town is winding..and I can get car sick...but the promise of apple pie at the summit wins every time. Last Sunday we ventured out for the day.. First stop was a surprise:

Snow! A lot of it around 4200 feet. So much so that Kate enjoyed getting out to throw several snow balls and freeze her feet in the lightweight cloth shoes she was wearing.. Pictured above is Lake Cuyamaca.

Next stop was Fonts Point. I have been there before. It's a fun drive in a suitable car (4x4 is recomended I think), so we always have fun on the 4 mile off-road portion of that drive. But look what you get when you arrive:

And then we drove somewhere that I have been wanting to go for a long time...just to see the mystery...The Salton Sea. It's a crazy, crazy place.. The feeling of despair is overwhelming..from the distance it looks like a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert...but what happened over the years? Take a look at that link. Sad, but it calls to me.

Not one boat, fisherman...nothing. 376 square miles of nothing.

It's late in the afternoon now, and I can't let that pie pass me up..so back in the car for a couple of hours. Sunday night, bad planning..but we luckily got a pie and headed home...a full day of sightseeing. Thanks for coming along with me! (I ate the pie..no photo, sorry. Get your own pie.)

I've been everywhere, man...

I have not painted in so long, my water bucket evaporated halfway....

I've been hosting here, taking my daughter around San Diego for her Easter break and using my camera a lot. The weather is getting nice and warm here and I have "Spring ADD"...I just want to be outside doing something...

I snapped these shots last week with my point and shoot camera at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.. They don't call it the San Diego Wild Animal Park any more..but the locals do. It's part of the zoo here up in North County where they feature a large collection of African animals that run wild..it's a pretty cool place to see if you're in the area.. Both the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park had AMAZING plants to see which I like very much.

I will further profess my love for San Diego in my next post...you didn't think I favored NY over San Diego now, did you? See you soon.

Do anything creative if you are "blocked".  Take pictures. Play Instagram. Bake. Garden. Stamp. It's all good.

This is not cool.

My mind is here....my body is not.

Thinking about how to get back to NY without taking a plane.....

This week I am hosting numerous activities at Chateau Prichard geared towards the entertainment of various 6 year old girls.....art will return with the conclusion of Easter Break.

The Girth of New York..

I don't think you can really ever be prepared from a photography standpoint of what you will be taking pictures of in New York. I knew I didn't have room for a collection of gear, I was already packing 2 cameras. I had to make sure that my DSLR had the most versatile lens on it. One lens. I brought my 24-70mm. I hemmed and hawed over taking my 16-35 "superwide"..but the 24mm did great.. I was editing the images when I got home and I can't crop any of them. The entire frames are filled with goodness! Everything in NY is huge.

Examples of things that are huge in Manhattan:

Freedom Tower and St. Patrick's Cathedral

On our tour by car around WTC, she stopped me in my tracks. "Is that it?" Michelle said, "Yes." Everyone knows what "it" is. I felt an overwhelming sense of American pride and patriotism when I saw her on the skyline there. The Freedom Tower is already towering over all of the neighboring skyscrapers and she isn't finished yet. Knowing the history of the site, you can't help but stop and marvel at her and what she will be when finished.

We were in a hurry to meet up with JeriAnn at Grand Central when we ran into St. Patrick's on the way there. We were on foot. In New York, everything is so massive, that it is hard to tell what you are looking at from the curb. We took so many photographs from the curb, and then we noticed you can enter the cathedral- for free. More photos from St. Patrick's in it's own post coming up soon..

The view from the Empire State Building Observation Deck

They really know how to move you through the Empire State Building. Hundreds of thousands of people make the trip to the observation deck every year. Hurry up. Line up here. Line up there. Stand here. NEXT. Up here. And then...when you get out of the elevator on the 86th floor...boom. It hits you. It hits you how small you are in the scheme of things... every side of the deck is more spectacular than the last. I like this shot because you can see taxi cabs down below.

St. Patrick's from the street...

See what I mean? Doesn't look that impressive.....wait until I show you the interior. (Not impressive in size...because you can't see what is taller and behind the initial facade..you have to go across the street and down the block a little in order to see to the top of it.) I. Die.

The Met

We didn't have a chance to go into the Met, but just look at the size of the people compared to the girth of those buildings! I'm telling you. H.U.G.E.

Grand Central Station

I was praying..praying for a well choreographed flash mob to strike while we were in there. No such luck this trip..but the decor and massive size of the building was amazing. And to imagine how many trains and how many people come through there every day......

In The Wild...

I don't have any roses yet but these beautiies opened up in the back yard last week....

25 rose bushes planted and starting to bud...I can't wait.

I hope YOU have a great week.

Merry. Yes!

My daughter, age 5

From the bottom of my heart, wishing you the merriest of holidays and the happiest of times. I am thankful for every time you visit and I am grateful to be able to share and talk about art with you here. You are the best. Thank you. xo

My Shoot. My Way.

I've been needing to recharge my photographic batteries...and I did. This was a fantastic shoot with my best friends... I was so happy to play creative director and stylist....it shows in the lighting and processing I think.. I love these shots. Thanks, girls!! xo

This. That.

We stayed home this morning (as usual) and had an easy time.. The Christmas lights are up on the outside of the house now, and Kate is hammering me for more decorations. Hopefully she will subscribe to my "less is more" philosophy one day...but I guess when you are 5 that is pretty tough.

My "to-do" list looks horible...there are so many big projects begging for completion, I don't know where to start. I guess writing them down is a start.. My nature is to hunker down and procrastinate, especially when it is cold outside. But we'll be in the 80's this weekend....nature is calling.

Have a great weekend!

Street. Concept.

Late to one of my last remaining portrait sessions...I was struck by the light filtering through this mohawk. Pulled the car to a stop, ran out and asked him if I could take his picture. If this is you, contact me and I will send you a print.

(Prints of this image are not for sale.)

Hey baby. Sweepstakes Winner.

Here is a beautiful baby for the Labor day holiday.. Don't forget to book your sessions for holiday photos ASAP. My available spots are filling up fast. We're shooting studio sessions only this season in Del Cerro. Bring your kids, bring your dog. Your choice of backdrop and you're all set. Re-touching included! Click here for pricing.

The Summer of Prize Giveaways has ended. Congratulations to Holly Dean who was the winner of the last $25 Amazon Gift Card! Yay Holly! Thank you all for participating and spreading the word about the sweepstakes. Chris and I appreciate you very much.

Happy Labor Day!

Touch. Photos. Smile.

My world is electronic. Computers, phones, interwebs, recipes..almost everything. Aside from a handwritten thank you note, I am "low paper".

Enter the photo lab. Remember the joy of getting that envelope containing your prints from the drug store? Remember flipping through the images with your friends? Passing them around? I am bringing that back to my digital household with what I like to call, "Family Trading Cards". (I also throw around the term, "Life Deck", but that is also a resurfacing company where I live.)

Each photo measures 3.5x5" (a cute "deck" size) and has a 1/4" white border. When I opened the first envelope, I was so happy to see my husband and daughter passing them between themselves, looking and laughing at the memories. There is something warm and fuzzy about an actual photograph in your hands that even a gajillion pixel display cannot give you. I think the photographs give emotion.

There is no album (I will still produce an annual album every year)..there is no box. There is simply a deck that anyone can peruse. iPhone photos, candids...silly moments. Print them out. Your family will thank you.


We were supposed to art journal all day, but our hands decided to make succulent gardens instead. I am very happy with the way these turned out! The home store had these pre-built for about $25/each but we decided to construct our own. All in all this project cost about $29 for plants, and I got three pots out of them. Don't they look great? I keep catching myself glancing over at them...

Cachepot: Elsa Peretti

Bird Cloche: Wisteria online

Tray: Wisteria online