I'm a zombie. Want a giveaway?

The last week or so has taken a toll on ol' Julie. I am beat. Exhausted and running everywhere like a chicken with its head cut off. (Yah..I  had to go there.) The new workshop experience is almost finished. We are editing and editing...writing and writing...filming some more and editing. It aint easy. I've seen some of the end result footage that my producer and I are working on and I have to say...it will blow your mind. I feel pretty confident that I am raising the bar for online workshops..I can't wait to show it to you.

Both images shot in downtown, San Diego

I am going to run giveaways this summer on my facebook page as well as via my newsletter. I sure hope you are signed up for both! One newsletter per month is what I will send you...filled with photos, news and happenings et all.

I'll come up for air soon.....and the new workshop experience will be here....and I hope to see you then!



Life. Work. Fun.

My creativity is all over the place. Last week I was shooting senior portraits, making plans for a graduation balloon arch, filming course material, consulting on a film project and helping clients understand their DSLR cameras. There is a lot on my plate, but I don't know any other plate I'd rather have in front of me.

I struggle with labeling my creativity...am I an artist? A photographer? Truth is I don't care anymore. I'm happy. Call me what you want...living the dream.. haha Oh..I almost forgot the bee hive in the back yard the other day....indeed. Good times.

My daughter is graduating from Kindergarten. I am so proud... I shot all of the kindergarten class yesterday for graduation photos we are presenting to the parents..the kids were thrilled to put on the "college gown"..which is what a lot of them called the cap and gown. Their eyes totally lit up.. (I've been capturing events since PK with this group..I make a DVD for the parents every year and it has become quite the production).. the images came out great and I feel awesome to have "photographer" on my resume these days.

What's keeping you busy?




11x14" Acrylic and graphite

Blogging has taken a back seat to creating last week....I'm loving every minute of it! The new online course is coming along fantastic...it's going to be loaded with goodness....and totally different than anything I have ever offered online..I can't wait until I can show you the promo..

It's sci-fi weekend here. We watched ET last night and tonight we'll hope for good conditions so that we can see the eclipse tonight... Good times. Hope you are having a great weekend!



Mica My Heart...

Last week I happened upon my ol' 2Peas rubber stamp gallery... as I traveled down memory lane, I remembered some old supplies. Mica tiles? Yes please! Love how they enhance the yellow of the vintage paper...and also their sheen...beautiful.

I'm off Pinterest...I had such a love hate relationship with it..it was fun..but the idea is creeping me out these days. Why should someone gain popularity for image collection? I guess that's the thing that matters the most to me.. I don't think it's right to host images on blogs, boards..tumblr for that matter...reposting what someone else has posted. I don't get it. I don't understand why the same feature cannot be accomplished by simply bookmarking things..remember bookmarks?

I'm not hoping to start a fight on the ethical questions regarding Pinterest.. just stating why I don't use it anymore. When sharing is so easy...is it possible that we are sharing too much?

Drive. Snow. Desert. Drive. Pie.

We are lucky to live within a short drive to a quaint mountain town, the snow and the desert. The road to the mountain town is winding..and I can get car sick...but the promise of apple pie at the summit wins every time. Last Sunday we ventured out for the day.. First stop was a surprise:

Snow! A lot of it around 4200 feet. So much so that Kate enjoyed getting out to throw several snow balls and freeze her feet in the lightweight cloth shoes she was wearing.. Pictured above is Lake Cuyamaca.

Next stop was Fonts Point. I have been there before. It's a fun drive in a suitable car (4x4 is recomended I think), so we always have fun on the 4 mile off-road portion of that drive. But look what you get when you arrive:

And then we drove somewhere that I have been wanting to go for a long time...just to see the mystery...The Salton Sea. It's a crazy, crazy place.. The feeling of despair is overwhelming..from the distance it looks like a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert...but what happened over the years? Take a look at that link. Sad, but it calls to me.

Not one boat, fisherman...nothing. 376 square miles of nothing.

It's late in the afternoon now, and I can't let that pie pass me up..so back in the car for a couple of hours. Sunday night, bad planning..but we luckily got a pie and headed home...a full day of sightseeing. Thanks for coming along with me! (I ate the pie..no photo, sorry. Get your own pie.)

The Cupcake Took Manhattan...

Several years ago (2006) I saw a Martha Stewart episode featuring "Billy" from Billy's Bakery in NYC. On that show, he gave the viewers the recipe and demonstrated how to make his famous "Vanilla Vanilla" cupcake. I printed out the recipe and made it at home. Everyone loved the cupcakes I made, and since then, his recipe has been my "go to" cupcake recipe. 99% of the cupcakes I make at home and for birthday parties are his Vanilla Vanilla. Billy's Bakery ended up on our "must see" list while in NY. I had to taste one of his cupcakes to rate my own baking skills, and it had to be "vanilla vanilla" or bust.

Cupcakes are all the rage across the country. I never buy fancy cupcakes around town, because they are so easy to make from scratch at home. What I didn't realize is that if something is all the rage, it is REALLY all the rage in NY. You can't walk a block without running into a bakery. Specifically a cupcake bakery. They are here, there, inside Bloomingdale's, everywhere. I commented to my friend, "Manhattenites are all so fit, they're aren't eating this many cupcakes.." And she replied, "They are for the tourists." Good point. I wouldn't be surprised if we passed at least 50 cupcake storefronts over the weekend.

When we got to Billy's, the line was long, the place was packed. I asked the shop girl for a Vanilla Vanilla and she produced one from under the counter. I was not prepared for what happened next.

Dry! Dry as a bone. My cupcake was so dry! What a buzz kill. Billy! What happened? Did the employee minions over-mix that days batch? I was so disappointed. Only for a second though...because that meant that I can cook Billy's Vanilla Vanilla better than Billy himself. My cakes are moist and delicious... I turned my frown upside down. Don't feel sad for Billy, he's making a ton of money selling those cakes and everything else in his shop I'm sure...but come to my house and I will bake you what a cupcake should really taste like.

Cupcakes are serious business in NY (this is a random child, not my own.)

You may be wondering, "Julie- what the hell? You traveled all that way and took all those pictures on 3 cameras and came home to show us a cupcake?" I'm starving! I've got magnificent architecture shots coming soon...it's just hard for me to detox after a big food weekend....I figured I would look at these shots instead of eating. :)

A New York Minute. Seriously.

Photo by Jill Zaheer

I'm lagged. Don't know if it is from the jet, the sights, the thrill of meeting so many people..... Last Saturday I spoke at Seth Apter's artist panel for his new book, The Pulse of Mixed Media. I don't like speaking about myself (hence, my no interview policy), but I did enjoy the back and forth with the panelists and attendees. It was great!

Photo courtesy of Jill Zaheer; pictured top left: Julie Prichard, Karen Cole, Jeri, Jill Zaheer, Seth Apter and Roxane Evans Stout.

The day with Seth was short, but I had a blast with Michelle Ward on Saturday. Yah, it was pretty much the "Grand Tour"...exactly how I tour people when they visit me in San Diego- fast, furious and fun. REFRESHING.

Special shout out to my friend, Alicia. She's not an artist..I don't have many art friends in San Diego.. but when I said, "Hey- you wanna go to New York for an art panel?" She, without hesitation, said, YES. Golden. We were travel warriors. Checking in everywhere so our husbands and friends could follow us around. We saw everything we wanted to see. Our motto for the long weekend was, "In it to win it" and when our feet were bloodied and our sinus' were jacked up, we kept going...walking miles in the rain in the middle of the night for Lobster Rolls...even AFTER we had eaten dinner that night. En fuego. She's the best.

Special shout outs to my my online friends who are now in person friends JeriAnn Geller and Laura Khoudari. JeriAnn gave us a great foot tour for a few hours on Friday and Laura took us to a fantastic locals restaurant on Friday night...you guys are the best!

More pictures coming soon!

I don't even know what..

Concretion; 11x14 acrylic and graphite on canvas

I wonder how many times I have used, "I don't even know what" as a post title... It's a line from the song, "Pumped Up Kicks" that I sing over and over in my head all the time. Just that line...and I do the whistle too.. I also sing, "What if God was one of us" and "I shot the sheriff" a lot. Got a theme song you sing over and over?

Sakes alive..I never looked at the video for this..I am having heart palpitations!

Seriously. This changes everything.

I maxed out my computer....again.. perils of so much video and large image files and the like.. so why it is backing up onto a new drive in the other room, you get a review of some recent instagram footage. Behold:

I am dumbfounded by the mass of supportive comments I received about my art over on Seth Apter's post about me and the last post I wrote here. Being an artist feels so lonely, I can't tell you how many times I have thrown in the towel and opted to get my "job" back...just for sake of speaking to people in person probably... you think the quiet is luxurious..but it gets me down. Needless to say, I am recharged by your generosity and kindness. I hope to hear from you again soon...I'll keep painting for now.

Happy weekend!

I'm almost to 700 on facebook! Likey? THANK YOU!!

The Palette...

Thank you for all of your nice comments during my open house earlier this week. I appreciate it!

I admire artists who use the same lucious palette over and over and every work they create is amazing..I wish I could establish my palette..these are swatches from some sweet spots on recent works..they are how I feel. I struggle with color. I don't "see" the colors I want to use in my mind very easily...I have to reference them. How do you choose the colors you create with?


It's a BOY!

There is a sego palm that grows right up against my bedroom window. Doves nest there every year. Kate and I open the window every morning and have a front row seat to what's happening in the nest... this morning, the babies left the nest. I can only see one of them right now, the backyard is off limits until they can fly.

Here we are, hanging out on the patio. I shot these from my living room with a long lens. This baby is just like a human.. he walks a bit, takes a nap, looks for his parents..tries to get back under his parents, eats..then takes a nap. They are very exciting to watch. I am a proud parent.

Not so exciting to watch.....

Myself. Project.

11x14 mixed media on stretched canvas - new

So this is it. A new year...and vows to make some changes to see where I am going and where I have been. I'm calling this the "Myself Project". I am here to hammer out what it is I want to be doing at this time in my life..talk it out..and hopefully engage in some dialogue with you. Projects all over the place, it seems that a lot of times I have disregarded work on myself..which should be most important, right? I have no qualifications to be writing about this topic.. but I have to tell you that the first step- writing about it...makes me feel better already.

I've slacked off in making new art. Granted, I have stayed totally busy helping students and writing a book...but the exploration and gaining new ground has taken a back seat to the needs of others (including family). So, the first thing I did was think about what is slowing me down art wise... what changed between the last time I was cranking out art that I was excited about and current day Julie? Where did fun-time-Julie go?

I think she got bogged down with mundane projects and devoping classes. I think. I can't be positive, but my first step is to take those two things and drop them back a bit and see where my fun-meter goes. See, I think it's important to realize that the first moment that making art feels like work...then there is a problem...

So if you're reading this, and you think to yourself that your fun-meter is on empty a little bit..and the pressures of maintaining your blog readership and cranking blog post after blog post out is getting to you and feels like work...then you like me need to do something about it. Let's talk.

Rule #1: If the fun comes back the art will make me more happy.

The Million Dollar Question.

It's all part of growing as an artist...probably part hormones and the Novocaine wearing off too.. But I sit here all the time and say to myself, "What do YOU want from me?" Then..wait a second... I need to stop worrying what you want and figure out what I want. True story. I don't know what I want. How do you figure that one out?

Ebb and flow.. Journal? Paint? Camera? Natural process. Yah..yah...but you should know that I am tormented. Almost daily. I am desperately trying to figure out why that is...

edit: Since I wrote this post, I have thought about it a long time. The question is now going to be a regular (hopefully weekly) feature on my blog. I hope that you will tune in and share your feelings as I open up to discuss my personal journey with you. See you Monday!

Off schedule. Out of touch.

What's the allure of a journal page? Is it being able to read someone else's thoughts? The mixture of texture and color? The collection of pages?

Back to school and back to work for us today...I'm here, but not really here. I've got a painting out drying a bit in the sun at the moment...but my body and spirit seem to be on vacation mode still...

Everyone loved their hand sewn journals...everyone had about the same reaction- "I just love flipping through all of the pages over and over!" To which I reply...NOW. Go fill it up! Which is what I will get back to here...

Hope you're having fun....


Resolutions? No. You?

A small piece of a large painting for our book..

Yesterday was E.A.S.Y. I did not cook that much (subsequently I did not eat that much either...great how that worked out) and opted for prepared foods...mostly from Trader Joes. It was so great to sit with my mom and dad all day without having to keep one eye on the oven or stove. My pledge is more holiday's like this one...hopefully I can remember that next year.. Please remind me.

Do you make resolutions? I don't.. I feel like if I make them, I have a great chance of letting myself down.. so instead of waiting for one day to come around to make a change, I just try my best every day instead. Know what I mean?

Get any cool art gifts? I got this book and by first glance, it seems pretty interesting. I am looking forward to reading through it. Still looking to fuel your creativity? Don't forget we're all on sale thru New Year's Eve. Huge workshops. Small price.


I've been. Thinking.

Thinking about all those donation requests we are bombarded with this time of year...from socks, shampoos, food, toys and money... I imagine myself in a sad situation and think I would be happy if someone just came and sat and talked with me.. Also wondering why people don't donate incidentals year round.. people don't hurt only during the holidays... I also wonder about the organizations that we hear so much about..and se so many people donating too.. is it because they have a better PR person? Are certain charities being overlooked?

Happier times. My dad turned 80 yesterday. What a wild year we have had! I love my dad! Special thanks to the gracious employees at Barona Casino who swarmed us with generosity, kindness and laughs...without me saying a peep about why we were there! They are the CIA of birthdays..and we really appreciate them.

Happy weekend..what are you doing with your time?

Kitchen Sink.

I've got a Grandmother who will be turning 91 in a few weeks. 91.

A couple of years ago I felt desperate to capture all of the things in her home on camera so that I would remember them.. Not necessarily the "things" as much as the memories of growing up in that house. My grandmother and grandfather built their house in 1955. Most of the furniture and appliances are still there..original..mint condition. Can you believe it? They don't build things like they used to.

We are the second owners of our home. It was built in 1962 I think...and when we got here, the place was trashed.

This sink is in her laundry room. We pass by it every time we enter and exit her home.

I've got so many paintings here...but they are for the book launch.....I'll get some new art to post soon. Stay with me...

This. That.

We stayed home this morning (as usual) and had an easy time.. The Christmas lights are up on the outside of the house now, and Kate is hammering me for more decorations. Hopefully she will subscribe to my "less is more" philosophy one day...but I guess when you are 5 that is pretty tough.

My "to-do" list looks horible...there are so many big projects begging for completion, I don't know where to start. I guess writing them down is a start.. My nature is to hunker down and procrastinate, especially when it is cold outside. But we'll be in the 80's this weekend....nature is calling.

Have a great weekend!

Happiest Day.

We've been to Sea World so many times..and we never play the carnival games..no one ever wins, right? Sunday, when she saw an Angry Bird as one of the prizes at the ring toss game, I reluctantly handed over $6 for a bucket of rings. We threw them all and were getting down to the last few rings when I desperately looked at my husband and said, "Come on...there has to be a secret to this." Would you believe he picked up a ring and landed it on top of one of the bottles?? We could not believe our eyes...Kate was the happiest girl lugging that Angry Bird around the park. She named him, "Tough Guy". Now, Tough Guy is seat belted in the back seat of my car...her new best friend.

Of course...I am convinced that I can hit the jackpot every time we go to Sea World now...giant stuffed animals for everyone.