Monsoon and Clouds.

In San Diego we are having a dark, gray's warm (not hot) and humid..looks like we will have some warm rain later his afternoon.. It's a good day to fire up netflix and listen to documentaries.. I was cleaning up computer files and came across this happy graphic- I like the contrast of the graphic with the weather outside:

Class samples from our Mixed Media Melange open.

I'm not a bit of flux......more soon.


The Brand New Class is OPEN!

We're up and running, sharing discussion and being open with each other! We're making journals too! But this workshop is not about's a lifestyle..a change....a new start! Click here for more info.

The series is on sale through 07/07/12 only, and by registering early, you get a chance to win a $60 Dick Blick gift certificate! What are you waiting for?

Summer Blues? Not in my new online workshop!

Yesterday was the first day of summer break for Kate and I. It was terrible. I had so many errands and appointments yesterday...I drove everywhere...used a 1/2 of tank of gas...and at the end of the day I was left with the felling of, "What in the hell happened today?" It was stressful to say the least.

Today's another day...and hopefully it will be met with some relaxation and a much slower pace.

If you want to treat yourself this summer, my brand new online experience is now open. We'll make the painting you see here in ONE of the lessons...And. So. Much. More. Check it out by clicking here.

I hope to see you!

The New Online Workshop Series is OPEN!

Yesterday, Seth Apter of The Altered Page gave me a review of the new online program that I just opened! You can read his review by clicking here. (edit: fixed the link.) (Seth Apter was not compensated for the review.)

The Julie Prichard Mixed Media Variety Hour With Your Host Julie Prichard  is up and running...I hope you can join us! Please click here for the exciting details.

(Class is on SALE through 7/7)

My DREAM! New Concept in Online Teaching




"The Julie Prichard Mixed Media Variety Hour With Your Host Julie Prichard" has been a dream of mine for a long time. This web series will not only show you how to make a lot of cool stuff, you'll go on a couple of field trips with me to look for inspiration in San Diego, CA.

The concept is to allow all viewers the ability to come along with me, see more of me, paint and create with me AND have some heart to hearts with me regarding issues I am sure all of us as cretative types face. Participating in the dialogue is optional. The series will inspire.

How about: Professionally edited HD video (I am working with a video producer..this is serious footage!), a 37 page beautiful series handout, approx. FOUR HOURS of instruction and unlimited access to the teaching network and ME.

There are no time limits.

None. about this? SCROLL, baby:

What is it?

It's a new concept. It's a creativity "program".

It raises the bar for all online workshops....

It's going to be FUN. Really.


The registration process for all The Land of Lost Luggage online workshops is a manual process that may take up to 24 hours to complete. Once you confirm your payment, I get an email. When I get the email, I send you the invitations to class. It's that easy.

No refunds once you enter class.

*one winner will be chosen. Winner will be contacted by email on 07.08.12. Prize is one gift certificate to or in the amount of $60 USD. International registrants are welcome and select the Amazon site of their choice.

For information regarding the Act Natural Online workshop, please click here.


Please choose one:
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I'm a zombie. Want a giveaway?

The last week or so has taken a toll on ol' Julie. I am beat. Exhausted and running everywhere like a chicken with its head cut off. (Yah..I  had to go there.) The new workshop experience is almost finished. We are editing and editing...writing and writing...filming some more and editing. It aint easy. I've seen some of the end result footage that my producer and I are working on and I have to will blow your mind. I feel pretty confident that I am raising the bar for online workshops..I can't wait to show it to you.

Both images shot in downtown, San Diego

I am going to run giveaways this summer on my facebook page as well as via my newsletter. I sure hope you are signed up for both! One newsletter per month is what I will send you...filled with photos, news and happenings et all.

I'll come up for air soon.....and the new workshop experience will be here....and I hope to see you then!



It's almost here.... bloopers too.

Cut. Do it again. Cut. Do it again...over and over and over.....

I've been working so hard on a new type of online workshop for everyone. My video producer and I have what we think is a really outstanding product coming your way in please stay tuned! Be sure to sign up for my monthly free newsletter... I'll be announcing giveaways, discounts, news about the book and more all summer long.

Stop by my facebook page periodically too...I'll have some pretty funny blooper footage soon.

Have a great week!


This workshop is a steal!

If you're new to online workshops, don't let the price of this one fool you! At $52 it is one of the best deals on the internet. Julie Prichard has served over 2,600 classes online. This workshop will take you through quick and fun techniques to add to your art journal...many students say that the techniques are really relaxing and they get in the groove and complete numerous lessons!

You get to watch the videos as much as you want.

You get to post your art and get UNLIMITED instructor feedback.

You get beautiful download instruction to keep! Watch this video:

Click here to register and see the supply list.

Click here to follow Julie on Facebook.

Click here to sign up for the free monthly-ish newsletter.

Sale Ends Tomorrow!

The new class, "Act Natural" is already open and I'm starting to hear some nice compliments on it. Thank you to everyone who has already registered! You too can get in on the action.

Act Natural is no time limits, lots of video lessons, a big PDF and only $52. Order the class before midnight tomorrow and you will get a FREE CLASS PASS for my art journaling workshop, Super Nova 2! NO time limits on that either. You can keep the class or give it to one of your friends.

Click here for all of the details and to register.

Meet La Lettera; Original Art For Sale

La Lettera is a mixed-media original painting that I recenly made. It's a moody abstract piece that would look great as part of your contemporary or traditional decor. The painting measures 18x24x1.5" and has dark painted sides. The top portion of the painting has a cool "plank-like" texture.

La Lettera is available for $350 + shipping cost. Please contact me if you are interested.


*La Lettera is made from a lesson in my new online workshop, "Act Natural". This new workshop offers a free bonus art journaling workshop if you sign up before 3/28. Click here for more details.

I teach online workshops. A lot of them.

Art journal color play...

Just a reminder that we have a lot of online workshops open and at the ready for you..there are a lot of topics to choose from, you're sure to find something to spark your creativity. Take a look here.

I recently received a comment from a network member that joined a workshop over 2 years ago..she mentioned that she remembered something she had seen in the workshop and came back in to try the lessons again and take another look.....that's right- really- no time limits. And you know what? You've got our support- full support- no matter when you come calling. We're here for you.

Happy weekend!

Sale Ends Tonight! -Take an Online Workshop Anytime- #mixedmedia

If there is one thing I am proud of accomplishing in 2011, it's the growth of our online teaching network. Golden Working Artist Chris Cozen and I worked hard all year to provide our students with quality and affordable lessons. We've taught over 2,470 classes to over 1000 students worldwide. I smile when I talk about it. Thank you so much for your support!

We're about to start filming for the new year but I wanted to make sure everyone knew that the sale on our classes ends tonight! Classes will cost $64 starting tomorrow...but they are only $49 today. Here is a quick look at some of the artwork we showed students how to make in 2011:

We learned how to make acrylic skins, and print on them PLUS incorporate our own photography into our art in a unique way during Pixels and Paint.

In Texture Town, we looked through pictures Chris took during her trip to Paris. We mimicked old plaster texture AND learned how to paint these awesome aging effects.

We got happy in Mixed Media Melange! In this class we worked with plexi-glass and vinyl and we really made artwork that people turned their heads to look at!

Finally, in Layer Love v2.0 we jumped in super deep into the exploration of layering paint and creating interest in paintings using Golden's new OPEN line of paints. A favorite of mine, the class teaches you not only how to make rad abstract art, but loads of techniques that you can use in any other art you create!

You should know: You don't have to take the class when you sign up for it. Take it whenever you want! They do not expire... We're here when ever you are ready... Click here to take a look through all the course details and to check out our promo videos for each course. We hope to see you!


Moo put their cards on sale on Cyber Monday and I ordered some new cards.. I opted for the full sized, rounded corner model. I had the mini-moo last order and I felt like although they were cute, they were lost in the see of papers I carry no telling where they ended up when I handed them out.

These two paintings are going to be in my book when it comes out..they are 24x24" paintings.....and this is only a small peek at each of them. They are a great representation of my work these days I think.. Moo's color correction is not as fabulous as I would like it, but I think that the paper quality makes up for that.

Thanks for stopping in today!

Paintings like this are explained in depth in our Layer Love v2.0 online on sale!

Not Artsy. Sale? Yes.

This page in my sketchbook talks about how the internet has opened up a whole slew of new things that can bother me. A lot of times I think I am better without it..and other times I feel like my brain is online.. Oh, dear internet, how I love/hate you.

In case you missed it, all of our online workshops are on sale... stock up and save before 2012. Click here to see everything....AND..SUPER NOVA IS BACK (for a limited time...just like the McRib.)

Fast and Fancy Backgrounds. Free Workshop. Part 5.


How about some spray painting today? What? Too stinky? Too dangerous...not easy to find good colors? Take a look at what we have for you today!

Chris and I used Golden Airbrush Colors to make our own sprays. No fancy equipment was needed, just some cheap spray bottles from the art store and water. No fumes. The best part? The Airbrush Colors come in the same colors we are used to working with when using Golden paint, they are NOT water activated, which means they can be layered and layered and won't come together to make a huge mess of color. This will be a good mess.

When shopping for Golden Airbrush Colors, notice that some of them are transparent and others are opaque. You will see those words listed on the bottle. Transparent vs opaque is important when layering color. The paints can be color mixed inside the spray bottles to create your own shades. You can use a little color or a lot and make your paint colors as strong as you like. We filled each spray bottle with about 1 part paint to 10 parts water. Experiment and see how you like to mix best.

One other new supply we introduce in this lesson is "Archival tissue". Everyone knows Chris and I like working with tissue. While normal tissue will rip and tear when exposed to watermedia, the archival tissue is stronger. It doesn't tear. We found that it held up to layering without any problems and that it melds right into other artwork when we use gel medium to attach it. In other words, the tissue will blend right into the surface of the new artwork. Lovely.

If you are just tuning in, please be sure to visit the first 4 lessons of this course. This course replaces our "Pretty Papers" online workshop..and it's all free! Click the "Tutorials" button on the right side of this page.

As always, Chris and I love to hear from you. Please feel free to post any qustions you may have regarding this material here. We will post answers here, so please check back often.

Click here to subscribe to our free monthly newsletter.

Not all COLLAGE is created equal.

mixed media collage by Chris Cozen

We're not talking quick ATC's and slapping clip art onto gesso painted backgrounds...we're talking really GREAT collage!

Do you stand back and think things look too cluttered? Don't know what to do with the paint? Tired of all collage looking the same? We're here to help!

Complex Collage is an intensive collage online workshop taught by Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen. Registration is $59 and there are no time schedules. Truly everything at your own pace!

Today's the day you start making really great art. Click here for more information.

See you in class!

Journal. Collage. Write.

This is my current journaling format. I am enjoying writing on half of the book and painting on the other half.

I don't have anything exciting to report. We're busy winding down summer vacation here.. getting ready for back to school on the 29th. Can I get a thank you, Jesus! While some moms cry at the thought of their children starting Kindergarten.... I on the other hand rejoice, run to the car and drive my father to the casino. It's my dad...he makes me go there. Really.

So as your summer may be winding down too, before you head to the BBQ, don't forget the sale price on the new and exciting Layer Love v2.0 online workshop is only valid through Monday. After Monday, the class price goes up $10 USD. You can read all about the class here.

Happy weekend my friends!