Flashdance; 2009

flashback to a 09/09 journal page...

This morning, Carol W. is waking up to a nice $60 Dick Blick gift certificate in her inbox... and a lucky newsletter subscriber will win $40 on the 18th. Do you get my newsletter? It's worth a shot to enter, don't you think? Look in your spam folder and make sure you click on the link from the 07/02 newsletter to enter. Good luck! There are more Sweepstakes Summer events coming next month!

Giveaway Alert!

My newsletter is going to be delivered to inboxes everywhere on Monday.. in that newsletter will be a special link so that you can enter to win a $40 Dick Blick gift certificate. For free. For real... I hope you're signed up to receive the newsletter! Last week I emailed Felisa $30 to Amazon.com and all she had to do was subscribe... will you be next? Click here to sign up.

It's almost here.... bloopers too.

Cut. Do it again. Cut. Do it again...over and over and over.....

I've been working so hard on a new type of online workshop for everyone. My video producer and I have what we think is a really outstanding product coming your way in June..so please stay tuned! Be sure to sign up for my monthly free newsletter... I'll be announcing giveaways, discounts, news about the book and more all summer long.

Stop by my facebook page periodically too...I'll have some pretty funny blooper footage soon.

Have a great week!


This workshop is a steal!

If you're new to online workshops, don't let the price of this one fool you! At $52 it is one of the best deals on the internet. Julie Prichard has served over 2,600 classes online. This workshop will take you through quick and fun techniques to add to your art journal...many students say that the techniques are really relaxing and they get in the groove and complete numerous lessons!

You get to watch the videos as much as you want.

You get to post your art and get UNLIMITED instructor feedback.

You get beautiful download instruction to keep! Watch this video:

Click here to register and see the supply list.

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Want to read my journal cover to cover?

The 2012 Sketchbook project is now online! You can view my project cover to cover online if you can't make it to the tour in person.. Please leave me a comment on the Art House website if you browse the book... It's amazing to me to be able to see and know if people are reading the book... that's why I decided to have it hosted online; so I really hope to hear from you there.

So now as people rev up to participate in the 2013 project, here are my thoughts. Take them or leave them:

I would never place reproductions in the sketchbook. My feeling is that people want to see and hold an actual sketchbook...of new and never before seen artwork...give them a treat just like if they were coming to your home.

The sketchbook quality is wimpy for wet media artists such as myself. You can re-bind the book to suit your needs as long as the finished product stays within the Art House size limits...so do it! I cut heavy paper that I have painted on before and inserted it into the book.

Visit other sketch-books and participate in the entire process! I have a lot of feelings on this.... I'll write them in another extremely long winded post coming soon... grab some popcorn.

In other news...I am working on that stencil giveaway... stay tuned!

I teach online workshops. A lot of them.

Art journal color play...

Just a reminder that we have a lot of online workshops open and at the ready for you..there are a lot of topics to choose from, you're sure to find something to spark your creativity. Take a look here.

I recently received a comment from a network member that joined a workshop over 2 years ago..she mentioned that she remembered something she had seen in the workshop and came back in to try the lessons again and take another look.....that's right- really- no time limits. And you know what? You've got our support- full support- no matter when you come calling. We're here for you.

Happy weekend!

In my house...

Listening to: Pato Banton

Wearing: Jeans, a long sleeved neon pink striped sweater, puffer vest, Ugg slippers, apron (which barely ties over the puffer vest) glasses. A sight in deed.

Drinking: Espresso cup #1

Doing: freezing....waiting for paint to dry

Working on a lot of stuff but people say I am not allowed to show it for a long time...

It's hard work writing blog posts... I have a case of the lazies.

The Million Dollar Question.

It's all part of growing as an artist...probably part hormones and the Novocaine wearing off too.. But I sit here all the time and say to myself, "What do YOU want from me?" Then..wait a second... I need to stop worrying what you want and figure out what I want. True story. I don't know what I want. How do you figure that one out?

Ebb and flow.. Journal? Paint? Camera? Natural process. Yah..yah...but you should know that I am tormented. Almost daily. I am desperately trying to figure out why that is...

edit: Since I wrote this post, I have thought about it a long time. The question is now going to be a regular (hopefully weekly) feature on my blog. I hope that you will tune in and share your feelings as I open up to discuss my personal journey with you. See you Monday!

Off schedule. Out of touch.

What's the allure of a journal page? Is it being able to read someone else's thoughts? The mixture of texture and color? The collection of pages?

Back to school and back to work for us today...I'm here, but not really here. I've got a painting out drying a bit in the sun at the moment...but my body and spirit seem to be on vacation mode still...

Everyone loved their hand sewn journals...everyone had about the same reaction- "I just love flipping through all of the pages over and over!" To which I reply...NOW. Go fill it up! Which is what I will get back to here...

Hope you're having fun....


I've been. Thinking.

Thinking about all those donation requests we are bombarded with this time of year...from socks, shampoos, food, toys and money... I imagine myself in a sad situation and think I would be happy if someone just came and sat and talked with me.. Also wondering why people don't donate incidentals year round.. people don't hurt only during the holidays... I also wonder about the organizations that we hear so much about..and se so many people donating too.. is it because they have a better PR person? Are certain charities being overlooked?

Happier times. My dad turned 80 yesterday. What a wild year we have had! I love my dad! Special thanks to the gracious employees at Barona Casino who swarmed us with generosity, kindness and laughs...without me saying a peep about why we were there! They are the CIA of birthdays..and we really appreciate them.

Happy weekend..what are you doing with your time?

Small. Space.

You know that journal with the wax going over every page? Here is another glimpse.. Dig that canvas sheet in there...stitching...and lots of slopped on collage. Silver metallic tape? Yes please.

All. Good. Art journal ahoy!

There was a slight problem in here yesterday. I had stuffed so much crap into this tote bag I keep in the car for journaling when I take my daughter to dance class that I did not know what was in there. The horror. I know. I forgot about this journal. (Insert gasp.)

This is a hand bound book like these here...but in this journal I used a bunch of paint...and I covered the finished pages in beeswax. Once the beeswax dries, I push acrylic paint into marks I make in the wax with a knife. Like here. And here.

Someone asked me if I had trouble with the wax and the paint because I don't have any encaustic supplies. Nope. Just acrylic paint and craft beeswax. Everything is working a-ok.

How are you?